Some tips for using vacuum oil purifier
Issue Time:2016-08-06

Some tips for using vacuum oil purifier   

Under the using of the vacuum oil purifier on site, you will meet some various problems. It can avoid some damages if you pay attention to the below tips.

   1.Connect the oil outlet pipe well, closed all the valves.
   2.Connect three phase,four wires power supply as the machine's total needs.together with the safety earth wire,check the circuit is connected and reliable,all valves on the oil circuit are open,start vacuum pump,oil pump( oil pump shall be no pump jamming and eccentric vibration phenomena).Some condenser models can be injected into the water through the drain valve to the water storage chamber,prepare correct before operating it.
   3.Start the vacuum pump,wait until vacuum value reches-0.08 Mpa,open inlet valve,observe tank oil at sight glass. Open outlet valve when tank level reaches middle of sight glass. Oil filtration and regeneration system was selected by customer freely.

   4.During normal operation, observe the oil standard pipe regulator inlet valve to keep the oil out of balance, turn on the heater switch,you need to set the temperature of the oil is heated,evaporates the moisture. If there is much water in oil, the foam in the vacuum tank will increase or same situation of drain the oil out of the oil pump slow,then you should open air valve. At the same time,watching each instrument's response, shows too many impurities within the filter surface adsorption fine filter needs to be cleaned and replaced.

   Yuneng ZJA Series Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is the best chose for your oil filtration. For more details, pls feel free to contact us. 

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