Maintaining of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier
Issue Time:2016-11-16

    Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier  will be rusted after stay long time without running. As the machine is disposal of transformer oil, the oil could protect the machine body with the maintenance of the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier from rusting coerce, but let's it put on hold for a long time, it will be rusted , and the rust will make machine off painting, then what should we do as above problem? There are several solution for the problem of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier be rusted as following:

  The most useful way, in a long time not using the vacuum oil purifier machine, bound to put the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier at a dry and cool place. This is the most useful and most fundamental way, so that it can effectively prevent rust. Machine in this kind of environment even if the machine hosting for a long time also won't rusted.

  To wrap Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier with tape or other moisture proof material, this way can prevent the sunlight, moisture, and ash layer from corrosion of the machine. This is also a good way to hosting the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier.

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