More about YUNENG Brand Dry Air Generator
Issue Time:2017-03-04
YUNENG Brand Dry Air Generator is widely used for various electrical equipment suchas transformers and reactor to supply high purity dry air during installationand maintenance. The dry air it provided can keep good insulation of theelectrical equipment against wet and protect the maintainer working inside theequipment against oxygen-lack.
It is much safer, morereliable, more economic and more convenient than using Nitrogen.  Itsworking condition is not affected by climate. And it is very good especiallyfor overnight works, just seal all flanges and fill dry air upto 0.02 ~ 0.03Mpa. By this way, no need spend more time on oil filling and oil drainage,maintenance period is shortened and efficiency is improved. The lower the dewpoint in air is, the less the moisture content in the air is, and the muchdrier the dry air generator works.
During filtering oil, peoplecan also supply dry air to dry the oil tanks and oil, especially this operationcan ensure oil’s insulation quality and reduce water content during filteringoil in rainy days and humid area.
Dry Air Generator is connected to oil depot (or big oil tank), it cankeep the stored oil in qualified condition for long time so that can besuitable for using these oils urgently at any time.
1.    Reduceand remove the moisture content in the air, the dew point can be decreased downto -50 ~ -70 after treatment.

2.    Reduceand remove the particles in the air.
3.    Supplydry air to keep transformer dry when it’s in installation or repair.

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