Importance of Transformer Maintenance
Issue Time:2017-03-24
Transformers do not contain any moving parts, which means these do not require intensive attention unlike other types of equipment. However, it is still important that power transformers undergo regular maintenance as this is critical to the life and functioning of this equipment. Unfortunately, maintenance and proper care are sometimes neglected largely because of the reliability of the transformer. This leads to a decrease in the life span of the transformer, which eventually results to failure and downtime.

With all these in mind, accurate interpretation and analysis of data obtained from monitoring transformers are important. Maintenance data gathered should be evaluated correctly to promote the transformer’s improved functioning and reliability. Furthermore, maintenance programs provide relevant information on existing issues that may result to a replacement or repair of the transformer.

It is important to note that any amount of information obtained from conducting periodic tests or inspections on power transformers can offer you with signs of approaching or existing service problems. Afterward, corrective techniques may already be taken to prevent further damages. In fact, effective interpretation of maintenance records gathered can be used to predict impending failure. As a result, appropriate and reasonable replacement measures may be done to minimize the impact of an outright loss.

Once any warnings or signs of possible failure are observed, it is important to ensure a thorough surveillance and analysis of the records. By doing so, any changes or significant trends may be further assessed. With a specialized understanding of how a transformer is expected to operate normally, you can make the most out of a maintenance program that is conducted. 

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