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  • Our company YUNENG has been founded in 1997 with over 20 years experience in the oil and gas treatment service. Till now, YUNENG products has been widely used domestically and abroad by UHV stations, transformer company and power generation company etc. For the transformer service company, you mig

  • Our factory will be closed during Sep. 12 to Sep. 14, for celebrating our traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.any inquiries about our purifier will be handled after holidays. To the Chinese, Mid-Autumn Festival means the reunion of the families, people far away from home express their feeling of missing

  • Over 10 units of machines are already assembled and debugged in the factory. It includes SF6 gas recovery and filling unit, transformer evacuation system, transformer oil filtration machine, dry air generator,and turbine oil purifier.The machines will be touch up (painting make up) and then put in a

  • Container type Transformer oil purifier has been ready for shipment, it combining the function of oil filtration and vacuum pumping.

  • 1. Decomposition of transformer oil under electromagnetic fieldIn general, the transformer oil used in 110kV and below power grid is No. 25 transformer oil, which belongs to paraffin base oil. The paraffin base oil has a large proportion of alkalizes, the chemical properties of alkane oils are relat

  • Modernized cities are inseparable from the supply of electricity. With the increase in electricity consumption, substations, UHV transmissions, and national power grids continue to expand 500KV-1000KV high-capacity high-grade transformers in power production, in order to ensure grid operation It is

  • Succeeding the Vietnam exhibition in June, our company will go to Indonesia to attend the ELECTRIC & POWER INDONESIA 2019. The detailed information as below,Add: Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran RW.10, Pademangan Tim. Kec. Pademangan Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota J

  • Dry air generators are more unique in power systems for large transformers and reactors.When the transformer is shipped out from the factory, the heavier insulating oil is extracted and replaced with light dry air, which reduces the transportation cost of the large transformer.Due to the long mainte

  • This year, YUNENG is very busy for production because of many orders from customer in the last half year. And in order to deliver the transformer oil purification machine to customer on time, YUNENG workers work overtime nearly every day.Finally with YUNENG hard work, one urgent order-the three sets

  • How to deal with Water content in oil?Engine oil is engine lubricating oil, the density is about 0.91x103 (kg/m3), which can lubricate and reduce wear, auxiliary cooling and cooling, seal leakage, rust and corrosion, damping and buffering, etc.The water content of the oil will lead to the decline of