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transformer oil bdv tester
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transformer oil breakdown voltage test
bdv test
transformer oil bdv tester
bdv test of transformer oil
bdv test of transformer
bdv testing kit
transformer oil breakdown voltage test

YN-HYG IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester

  1. The BDV test of transformer oil is a breakdown voltage test. Used to check the insulation strength of transformer oil. Dielectric strength refers to the maximum ability to withstand the voltage of the insulating oil. This test shows the insulation strength of the transformer oil.
  2. In the use of transformer oil, there are two main purposes, one is for insulation, and the other is to cool the transformer core and other Components. Therefore, when designing a transformer, the use of oil in the transformer depends on the rated voltage. Therefore, the oil should be tested according to the rated voltage.
  3. For the BDV test, place an oil sample from the transformer in a sample vial. When taking out the oil sample from the transformer, the sample bottle should be thoroughly rinsed with transformer oil, and the oil in the sample bottle should be properly drained to prevent moisture in the atmosphere from entering the sample oil.

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Product Introduction

  • The transformer oil breakdown voltage tester manufactured by Yuneng oil purifier is a full self-reacting device, which is developed according to the requirements in International IEC-156 and International GB507-86 “Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Mensuration”, combining the feedback opinions of all users.
  • The instrument adopts a single chip as the leading part, and uses the method of “first setting and then testing”. The whole process is controlled by an automatic microcomputer. It is operated simply and used conveniently.


Features of Transformer Oil bdv Tester

  1. The instrument has the function of automatic detection. For example, after a startup, it enters a reset state to make the compressor governor reset.
  2. Tiny TPU-A panel printer is adopted for automatic printing out.
  3. Testing times, stirring and stationary time could be changed according to the requirements of users. Sound control and light control remind of continuous print and nonprint.
  4. This instrument adopts full automatic magnon for stirring to abate misproportion and air bubbles of oil samples.


Parameter of bdv Test of Transformer Oil

Working power supply: AC 220V ±10%、50HZ ±5%

Measuring range: AC 0-80kV

Limitative current: 5mA

Measuring accuracy: 1.5%

Speed of Voltage regulation: 2.5kV/S±10%

Presetting: 1-9 times

Stirring time: 0-1 minutes and 39 seconds

Stationary time: 0—10 minutes 39 seconds

Use condition: environmental temperature 5℃—35℃

Relative temperature: ≤75%

Oil cup space: 2.5mm (diameter of oil cup clearance gauge)

Size:  415×315×315mm3

Weight: 28kg


Panel Illustration


















Picture 1: Drawing for Panel

Power switch Power supply socket HV chamber Chamber lock Earth 3A Fuse
Display screen Timer Indicator light Function buttons Printer  


Optional Models

  • YN-HYG-A transformer oil bdv tester, 0 to 80kV
  • YN-HYG-100 bdv test of transformer oil, 0 to 100kV


Product Images


If you have any questions or needs about our Transformer Oil BDV Tester, please feel free to contact us.

Project Photos



1. 20,000L/h Transformer Oil Purifier at TBEA Shengyang Factory. 

2. 4320m³/h Vacuum Pumping Unit at the Site of ±800kV Converter Station.

3. 200m³/h Dry Air Generator at the Site of 800kV Qingzhou Converter Station.

4. 1020L/h Precision Oil Purifier and Oiling Machine for Australia Client.

5. 60m³/h SF6 Gas Recovery at the Site of Guangzhou Converter Station.

6. 3 Units of 12000L/h Transformer Oil Purifiers in Pakistan.


Packaging & Shipping

To be packed in iron case or wooden case (s) for long distance (ocean/air) transportation.  



After-Sales Service

● One year guarantee for product quality(People damaged parts are charged).     

● Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

● Free design of fixtures as customers required.

● Free training for machines installation and operation of the staff at factory.