12000LPH ZJA12BY High Voltage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine

ZJA12 (12000 liters per hour) High Voltage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine is specially designed for drying, degassing and purification treatment of insulating oil filled in above 500kV HV transmission and distribution equipment, substation and 1000kV, 1100kV UHV transformers, etc. This purification treatment can increases oil’s dielectric strength by effectively removing solid particles, gases and water, thus eliminating the need for expensive oil replacement, and thereby extending the life of the electrical equipment. This 12000 LPH capacity High Voltage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Machine also can do transformers vacuum drying and vacuum oil-filling for electric equipment.


Features of Transformer Oil Purification Machine

  1. Double stages vacuum pump system, horizontal double vacuum dehydration, degasification vessels and blower capable of pulling vacuum down to 0.05 mbar.
  2. High-efficiency three-stage micro filter elements capable of removing 99.9% particles as small as 1 micron.
  3. Moisture content can be processed to ≤ 3ppm by vacuum dehydration to remove free, emulsified and dissolved water.
  4. Free air and gas content ≤ 0.1%.
  5. Oil dielectric strength ≥ 75kV.

Optional: Online moisture monitor, flow meter, oil regeneration system, weather proof canopy, double axles trailer, oil dielectric strength tester, etc.

Technical Specifications

Capacity(L/min)200 (12000 L/H)
Limit vacuity≤2 Pa
Working pressure≤ 30 Pa
Temperature range20-80℃
Breakdown voltage≥ 70kV
Granularity(100ml sample) 5~50μm≤500 particles
Parameter after purificationWater content≤ 3ppm
Gas content≤ 0.1%
Filtering rate≥ 99.9%
Filtering precision≤1 micron
Dielectric loss tgδ≤ 0.005 (90℃)
Continuous work≥200 hr
No failure running≥5000 hr
Power supply380V, 50Hz, 3Phase,4 Wire or as request
Working noise75 dB (A)
Heating power (kW)120
Total power (kW)130
Weight (kg)2200

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