9000LPH Double Stage Transformer Oil Purification System With Dustproof Door

YUNENG 9000LPH Transformer Oil Purification System suits for all-weather enclosures, it is developed for transformer oil dehydration, degasification and filtration processing. With double stages high vacuum pumping systems and a fully enclosed structure with a dustproof door, it can work in any tough environment. The filtration process of the 9000LPH transformer oil purification system with an all-weather enclosure is capable of maintaining complete cleanness and improving the dielectric strength of insulating oil.


Application of Transformer Oil Purification System

YUNENG 9000LPH Double Stage Transformer Oil Filtration System is professionally designed to remove the suspended sludge materials present in the transformer oil.

The impurities of the transformer oil affect the solid insulation material and hence decrease the performance characteristics of the transformer. And the amount of dissolved gases and acid content in the oil speaks about the quality of the oil.

After treatment by our double-stage transformer oil purification system, the transformer oil will be qualified and could be reused again.

Additional Features(On Request) of Transformer Oil Purification System

  1. PLC Control Panel and automation
  2. Online Moisture Content Measurement Meter
  3. Online Dissolved Gas Content Detector
  4. Another requirement will be satisfied according to customers request

Parameters of Transformer Oil Purification System

Model: ZJA9BYNominal flow: 9000L/h
Capacity: 150L/MinWorking pressure: ≤0.5MPa
Limit vacuum: ≤5PaWorking vacuum: ≤80Pa
Operating oil temperature: 45~65℃(Adjustable)Power: According to customer’s requirement
Heating power: 90KwTotal power: 98kw
Working noise: ≤80dB(A)Weight for reference: 2200Kg
Inlet/outlet diameter: 40/40mmSize for reference: 2400×1800×2500mm
Average normal running time: ≥5000 hoursContinuous working hours: ≥200 hours

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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