6000LPH ZJA Series Double Stage Transformer Oil Purifying Machine

  • This transformer oil purifying machine is especially suitable for treating old-style transformer oil, which contains moisture, gas, impurities, fine particles and acidic substances. The double stage vacuum transformer oil purifying equipment is specially designed for field use, and is used to completely purify and regenerate the insulating oil in the on or off the transformer. It can regenerate and recycle old aging transformer oil, so it is similar to new oil. In addition to regularly transformer oil treatment (including degassing, drying, and removing particles), it can remove acids, sludge, and other soluble oil corrosion products from the oil, and improve insulation strength and oil color.
  • After oil purification and oil regeneration treatment, the old transformer oil will become fresh and new oil with standard quality that can be reused.


Features of Transformer Oil Purifying Machine

  1. Open type: This kind of machine doesn’t have a metal door or trailer, usually customers will choose this kind of transformer oil purifier to use inside.
  2. Attic conditions: Enclosed type: This transformer oil treatment equipment is weatherproofed and suitable for outdoor usage. It could be protected against clim.
  3. Trailer type: The trolley mounted type transformer oil filtration system is mainly used for different site projects, in which the customer needs to transfer the machine from one site to another site.

Parameters of Transformer Oil Purifying Machine

ItemParameter   Type
Technical ParameterFlow RateL/H18003000600090001200018000
Working VacuityPa≤80
Working PressureMpa≤0.35
Temperature RangeoC45-65
Power Supply 50Hz    380V    3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Total PowerKW163670100150200
Inlet/Outlet DiameterDN20/2025/2532/3240/4050/5065/65
Oil Treatment IndexBreakdown VoltageKV≥70 (Spherical electrodes)
Water Contentppm≤5
Gas Content%≤0.3
Filtering Accuracyµm1

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