EHC Fire-Resistance Oil Purifier

Fire-Resistance Oil Purifier treats and regenerates degraded refractory oils, removing acids, pigments, gases, water and particulates.  

KYJ Series EHC is purification equipment necessary for departments using refractory oil, which can work and refuel online. oil purification systems use high-quality filter components and contain large-capacity particles. The machine is anti-corrosive, has good mechanical properties and long service life.

The Fire-Resistance oil purifier manufactured by Yuneng adopts vacuum distillation dehydration technology, and its water content is less than 100ppm. This oil filter equipment is only used for the filtering of fire-resistance oil to remove particles. The cleanliness after filtering can reach NAS level 5.

Storage tanks and pipes through which fire-resistance oil passes are made of stainless steel. The body uses special metal materials compatible with fire-resistance oil, combined with vacuum dehydration technology, multi-stage filtration system and new adsorbent to ensure that the treated oil reaches new fire-resistance oil performance.

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