3 Things You Should Know Why We Use Transformer Oil Purifier

The role of the transformer oil purifier is to obtain clean, high-quality transformer oil.

When the transformer is working, a large amount of heat and arcs will be generated, which requires transformer oil for insulation, cooling, and arc extinguishing. Transformer oil is the main insulating and cooling medium of oil-immersed transformers, and its electrical strength and chemical composition will directly affect the performance of transformers. Therefore, we need to filter the transformer oil.

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1. The Role of Transformer Oil

Transformer Oil Has a Cooling Effect

Transformer oil has a large specific heat and is frequently used as a coolant. The heat is generated when the transformer is operating. The oil close to the iron core and the winding is heated to expand and rise, and the heat is dissipated through the radiator through the upper and lower convection of the oil. Ensure that the transformer operates normally.

Transformer Oil Has an Insulating Effect

Transformer oil has a much advanced dielectric strength than air. When the insulating material is immersed in oil, the dielectric strength can be improved and it can also be protected from moisture.

Transformer Oil Has an Arc Extinguishing Effect

On the on-load tap changer of oil circuit breakers and transformers, the arc is generated when the contacts are switched. Due to the good thermal conductivity of transformer oil, and at the same time, it can touch a large amount of gas under the high temperature of the arc, which will generate a large pressure, thereby improving the arc extinguishing performance of the medium. This makes the arc extinguish very quickly.


2. The Reasons for the Deterioration of Transformer Oil

Equipment Conditions Can Cause the Transformer Oil to Deteriorate

Small intervals are used in the design and manufacture of transformers, and hot spots are prone to occur during operation, which not only promotes the aging of solid insulating materials but also accelerates the aging of oil. In addition, the tightness of the equipment is not enough, the leakage of water will promote the aging of the oil, the improper selection of solid insulating materials, and the poor compatibility with the oil will also promote the aging of the oil. Therefore, equipment design and selection of insulating materials have an impact on the service life of the oil.

Operating Conditions Can Cause the Transformer Oil to Deteriorate

If oil-filled electrical equipment such as transformers and reactors are operated under normal conditions, the general oil should have certain oxidation stability. However, when the equipment is overloaded, or local overheating occurs, and the oil temperature increases, the oil will age.

Pollution Problems Can Cause the transformer oil to deteriorate

First, due to the unclean environment during equipment processing, tiny impurity particles adhere to the transformer windings and iron cores and penetrate the oil after oil injection.

Second, some organic insulating materials dissolve in the oil, causing oil performance drops.

Maintenance in Operation Can Cause the Transformer Oil to Deteriorate

The maintenance of oil in operation is important. At present, most of the transformers are not fully sealed. If the desiccant in the respirator fails and cannot be replaced in time, the moist air is brought into the oil, and the consumption of antioxidants in the oil cannot be replenished in time. After the adsorbent in the oil filtration machine fails, failure to replace in time, etc., will promote the oxidation and deterioration of the oil. Therefore, good maintenance of operating oil will not only prolong the service life of the oil but also prolong the service life of the equipment.

Transformer Oil Purifier

3. The Role of Transformer Oil Purifier

  • The transformer oil purifier can make the transformer run smoothly.
  • The transformer oil purifier can extend the service life of the oil and the service life of the transformer oil machine.
  • Liquid deterioration in transformers may be caused by contamination, electrical stress, and oxidation. And the oil purifier machine can purify transformer oil.

After understanding the role of transformer oil, the reasons for the deterioration of transformer oil, and the role of transformer oil purifier machine, we can connect these three points. The transformer oil purifier machine helps the oil avoid many problems, and makes our work more smoothly. Where can you find a good oil purifier machine supplier? There’s no need to look further, here at Yuneng, China oil purifier provider, we can support you with the most professional oil purifier machine, contact us in no minute.


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