Oil Blending Machine

China oil purifier‘s oil blending machine can accept any number of different additives and base oils to make any lubricant. YNZSY-JB series lubricant blending plant with heater is used to blend different kinds of non-fuel oil. The equipment is mainly composed of the following parts: heating system, automatic chemical addition weighing system, mixing system and electrical control system. According to customer requirements, we can design, manufacture and provide lubricant blending equipment of any capacity. 

The oil blending machine does not require a complicated installation process. It only needs to be connected to the raw material storage tanks (such as base oils and additives) and the final lubricant storage tanks. The machine has a built-in display where the user can save the formula of the different lubricants he wants to make. To make any lubricating oil, the user only needs to select the type and quantity of lubricating oil that they want to make, and then the machine automatically draws raw materials from the oil storage tank and provides a perfectly mixed oil in the output oil storage.

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