Vacuum Pumping System

The transformer vacuum pump system is widely used in the installation and maintenance of various types of large transformers to achieve efficient vacuum drying and vacuum pumping. Our oil purifier has the characteristics of fast air extraction, LCD display and convenient movement. The leakage rate of the unit is less than 1%. The vacuum pump system is equipped with an anti-oil return device and a phase sequence automatic reversing system to prevent the vacuum pump from running in the reverse direction.  

China oil purifier’s vacuum pump unit adopts an air-cooled rotary vane vacuum pump and roots pump. The working vacuum is 50Pa, the maximum working vacuum is 10Pa during operation, and the ultimate vacuum is 1-3Pa. It has the characteristics of a fast startup, high pumping speed, stable performance and easy operation.

The control system of this vacuum pump has perfect protection and alarm functions. It has over-voltage, under voltage, leakage detection and protection functions. All faults are indicated by corresponding warning lights.

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