Used Black Oil Recycling Machine

The requirement of oil recycling is to make the indicators of waste oil (ie viscosity, pH value and flash point) reach the same standards as new oil.

The oil recycling machine adopts the most advanced processing technology, which can quickly separate various pollutants such as moisture, oxides, metal impurities, carbon residues, colloids, suspended and emulsified substances from waste oil, and completely restore the role of oil. It can also remove colloids and asphalt, restore the oil color to be clean and transparent, thereby improving the performance index of waste oil and becoming a qualified clean oil. Suspended particles or precipitates that cannot be dissolved in gasoline or benzene need to recombine and connect the oil molecules to restore the physical and chemical indicators and cleanliness of the oil.

Chongqing Yuneng Oil-Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperates with a well-known local university (Chongqing University) to develop a patented oil filtration technology, that is, a small extended oil filtration technology and a large filtration area, which can not only remove all impurities, including colloids, asphalt, Suspended matter and various chemical compounds, but also can restore waste oil to its original color.

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