YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  • The transformer oil regeneration machine is particularly suitable for regenerating used and aged transformer oils and insulating oils.
  • The two-stage vacuum transformer oil regeneration system not only provides the functions of dehydration, removal of impurities, but also removes the decay products and discoloration of acidity, sludge, free carbon, deep oxides and other soluble oil. It can increase the voltage of the insulating oil, make the indexes of the insulating oil such as acid and PH reach the national standard, and increase the index of the insulating oil. This is achieved through the use of high vacuum degassing technology and particulate filtration machine, as well as our special fuller earth. After processing, the oil can be reused.


Product Introduction

  • The transformer oil regeneration machine integrates the purification technology of low-temperature physical adsorption (reduce dielectric loss, decolor and deodorant) and online regeneration adsorption filters, etc, features high-speed purification and oil quality protection, etc. This plant can efficiently remove moisture, impurities, oxidative deterioration matter, hydrocarbons, and chromosome gum and other harmful substances n in oil. After decoloring and filtration with the machine, the oil will be as clean and clear as the new oil, especially the dielectric loss index of the transformer oil will be recovered nearly the same with new oil’s standards,which ensures long-term circulation usage of oil.
  • The absorption filters of the machine have a regeneration function, which could be repeatably used, so as to reduce consumable investment, save costs and reduce pollution.

Features of Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  1. It doesn’t need Acid and alkali process, simple processing and reduces the cost of oil filtration. 
  2. The full process is physical purification. The oil can be recovered and the additives in the oil won’t be damaged.
  3. The operation is under full-closed, safety and environmental protection. 
  4. Extend the lifetime of antioxidants and additives by removing the oxidizing material in the oil. 
  5. Good results on the decolorization. It can restore the unqualified transformer oil to be clean qualified oil. 
  6. The absorption agents can be reused after activated and regenerated by the regeneration system so as to extend the filter life cycle.

YZS Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine Flow Chart

Technical Data of Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

ItemName of ParameterModel UnitYZS-3000YZS-6000YZS-9000YZS-12000
Technical  parameters of the equipmentNominal flow capacityL/h30006000900012000
Working pressureMpa≤0.35
Heater temperature range40℃-300℃
Working noisedB(A)≤85
Filter precisionµm≤3
Working power 380V,50Hz,3 Phase 4 Wires or as request
Total powerkW23253034
Oil treatment indexDielectric loss factor(90℃) ≤0.005

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Advantages of Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  1. It restores used oils to new like condition. This process makes it possible to fill transformers with oil that would previously have required disposal. The oil in the transformer can be used without replacement for the entire service life of the transformer.
  2. Itis designed to extend transformer service life by restoring the dielectric strength and chemical composition of dielectric insulating oil.
  3. In process of oil regeneration, oil degradation products and acidic compounds are removed, the oil becomes clear, oxidation resistance is improved, while gas solubility is reduced.

Product Images

Yuneng is one of the world’s competitive companies specializing in high-tech oil purifier research and manufacture. We can produce 1,000 sets of oil purifier machine for other fluids every year. If you have any questions or needs about the transformer oil purifier, please free feel to contact us.

Project Photos

1. 20,000L/h Transformer Oil Purifier at TBEA Shengyang Factory. 

2. 4320m³/h Vacuum Pumping Unit at the Site of ±800kV Converter Station.

3. 200m³/h Dry Air Generator at the Site of 800kV Qingzhou Converter Station.

4. 1020L/h Precision Oil Purifier and Oiling Machine for Australia Client.

5. 60m³/h SF6 Gas Recovery at the Site of Guangzhou Converter Station.

6. 3 Units of 12000L/h Transformer Oil Purifiers in Pakistan.


Packaging & Shipping

To be packed in iron case or wooden case (s) for long distance (ocean/air) transportation. 

After-Sales Service

● One year guarantee for product quality(People damaged parts are charged).     

● Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

● Free design of fixtures as customers required.

● Free training for machines installation and operation of the staff at factory.

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