5 Factors Might Get Oil Purification Machine Stuck You Should Know

After the engine has been running for a period of time, various failures will occur. Among them, the blockage of the lubricating oil purifier machine is a relatively common phenomenon. In many cases, the cause of the blockage of the lube oil purifier machine is the failure of the engine. As an effective analysis method, this article will analyze the causes of lubricating oil purifier machine blockage in various situations, so as to determine the real cause of engine failure.

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1. Get A Reliable Oil Purifier Machine Supplier

First, we have to be careful _ the easy way. For example, when the purifier is clogged, it may be recommended to change the purifier brand to easily fix it. However, through further analysis, it was found that because the low-strength media in the low-grade purifier cannot be used, by changing the purifier brand, the problem of purifier clogging can only be solved, but it will be solved in a very short time. not easy. The problem found was increased engine wear. The scary thing is that it’s too late to discover it.

2. Additives Can Be the Reason of Oil Purifying Stuck

We know that when the engine is running, oil pollution is inevitably caused by the by-products of oil combustion. This is because, in order to improve the lubricating properties of the oil and prolong the life of the oil, it is common practice to add various additives to the oil, and sometimes the amount of the additives is even as high as 40%. The result of the use of additives is that the resulting contaminants are suspended and dispersed in the lubricating oil. Of course, these extremely fine particles can easily pass through the lube oil purifier machine during normal operation, and these particles remain in harmless suspension until they are expelled during regular oil changes. However, when the combination of additives reaches the limit, very fine particles will combine and settle, which will cause the purifier to clog quickly, and a large amount of loose oil contamination will be deposited in large quantities. Reasons include high leak rates and long production intervals.

3. Condensate or Coolant Leakage is Threading Your Machine

It will reduce the dispersing ability, the carbon black will ooze out and become a bright and dense deposit, blocking the purifier, and condensate may also enter the purifier. The origami purifier parts form a corrugated pattern. In addition, condensation of water or leakage of cooling oil purifier machine can lead to deposition of additives. The phenomenon is that the purifier plugged due to additive deposition is visibly grey and corrugated.

4. Oxidation Can be The Common Factor of Trouble in Oil Purifier Machine

Oxidative plugging occurs when too much oxide builds up for the lubricating oil to dissolve. There may be two common reasons for both: 1. The engine operating temperature is too high; 2. The lubricating oil formulation is wrong. Its performance is that the color of the purifier is red, and high temperature oxidation also makes the purifier emit a pungent odor.

5. Gel is The Last Thing You Want to Stuck Your Filtration

If the lube is contaminated with water, a gel will form. When the concentration of water in the oil exceeds 0.5%, the additive combination can precipitate and clog the purifier. Although water evaporates quickly when it encounters air, the purifier maintains a clean appearance, but leaves a noticeable rippled wrinkle. It is a purifier unit that uses pressure filtration or vacuum evaporation-pressure filtration to remove solid impurities and moisture in impure oil. Oil purifier machine are mainly used to improve the insulating properties of electrical oils and the purity of lubricating oils.

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The Basic Tips of Oil Purifier Machine to Prevent Machine Troubles

Scope of application Mainly used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical industry, textile, cement, power plant, instrumentation and other departments. It plays a great role in the purification and filtration of various industrial lubricating oils that are polluted and deteriorated, prolongs the maintenance cycle and service life of equipment, and reduces production costs. It can effectively remove pollutants in oil products such as water, water-soluble acids, alkalis, mechanical impurities, etc., and improve the kinematic viscosity, flash point and emulsification of oil products. Quickly restore the oil to the required performance, approaching or reaching the corresponding national new oil standard.

Oil Viscosity High viscosity oils cannot pass through fine screens and require reduced accuracy. because:

  • The purifier element is often blocked, requiring frequent cleaning or even replacement of the purifier element. fuel oil purifier machine
  • Increase the axial pressure so that the oil can pass through the purifier screen faster, but the purifier element is often crushed because of this.
  • Add a preheating oil tank to increase the temperature and reduce the viscosity.

Generally speaking, the filtration precision of the fine purifier grade is selected as:

  • Insulating oil, choose 1~5μm.
  • For lubricating oil and turbine oil below 46﹟, choose 10~20μ oil filter m.
  • The internal combustion engine oil and gear oil should be selected from 20 to 50μm.

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