9 Quick Tips Regarding Transformer Oil Recycling System

In this article, we will discuss what is a transformer oil recycling system, the reasons for transformer oil recycling, how to recycling transformer oil, whether there is a limit to the number of times of transformer oil recycling, and introduce several Yuneng oil recycling machines.

transformer oil or insulating oil

1. What is Transformer Oil Recycling?

In order to improve the performance of insulating oil or transformer oil, various types of transformer oil recycling machines are used: open style, enclosed style or trailer-mounted style.

Through the process of transformer oil recycling, the insulation and cooling performance of the transformer oil can be effectively restored, thereby ensuring that the transformer continues to operate normally and safely.

2. Reasons for Transformer Oil to be Recycled

We know that transformer oil is a flowing liquid that can fill the air gap between the components in the oil tank to remove the air, which can effectively prevent the components from being damp and reduce the insulation strength.

Transformer oil can absorb the heat generated by the winding and the iron core during operation and play a role in cooling.

Transformer oil can also play a role in the anti-corrosion of metals. After the oil tank is filled with oil, it can keep the transformer in a good insulating state.

However, after the transformer has been running for a period of time, the insulating oil or transformer oil will be affected by external impurities. The equipment itself will run at high temperatures and in contact with air, which will gradually deteriorate the oil quality. The transformer oil in it will produce a lot of impurities (including sludge, free water, dust, etc.), the purity of the transformer oil will be affected, and the insulating and cooling effects of the deteriorated insulating oil (transformer oil) will be reduced. And lead to poor performance of the transformer, thereby affecting the normal operation of the transformer.

According to the national quality standards, transformer oil can be used only after passing the inspection. If it fails to meet the requirements of the national quality standards, it must go through the process of transformer oil recovery. The purpose is to remove impurities in the oil and improve the physical and chemical properties of the oil to a certain extent, improve the electrical strength of the oil, and restore the performance that transformer oil should have.

3. How to Recycle Transformer Oil?

Our insulating oil filter machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance and low cost of use.

The insulating oil filtration equipment can quickly remove trace moisture, gas and mechanical impurities in the oil, and the oil filtration speed is fast, and the oil quality is protected. It can effectively reduce the acid value and improve the colour.

According to specific needs, the fixed closed type or the trailer mobile type can be selected, which is suitable for oil treatment when installing and repairing large transformers.

4. Is There Limited Times of Transformer Oil Recycling?

Transformer oil is expensive, and filtering and purifying it through the recycling process to restore its original performance can effectively save costs. Generally, transformer oil can be recovered up to 100 times and returned to a level similar to that of new oil.

In addition to this, we also offer in-line drying and degassing solutions. Transformer oil can be recovered without shutting down the system and the transformer running.

5. Optional Transformer Oil Recycling Configurations

1. It is necessary to choose PLC intelligent control, touch screen operation and dynamic display according to users’ needs.

2. High-quality imported products can be selected for the main power components, filter equipment and electrical components to improve the performance of the equipment.

3. Optional frequency converter: you can choose the flow rate according to your needs.

4. Optional flowmeter with totalizing function.

5. Optional external connected transformer vacuuming system.

Optional Form Factor:

6. The structure of the whole machine can be made into mobile type, fixed type (half shaft or double shaft).

7. It can be made into fully enclosed type, canopy type and a canvas awning.

8. The color of the device can be selected arbitrarily as required.

Used Lubricating Oil Recycling Machine

6. Used Black Oil Recycling Machine

China Oil Purifier’s used black oil recycling machine can quickly filter mechanical impurities in base oil and gasoline, and diesel through a pretreatment system, distillation system, cooling system, oil storage system, vacuum system, and filtration system and obtain high-quality base oil and gasoline and diesel.

7. Transformer Oil Regeneration System

In addition to the functions of dehydration and impurity removal, the transformer oil regenerator can also remove acidity, sludge, free carbon, deep oxides, etc. Transformer oil regenerators are used to regenerate used and aged insulating oil or transformer oil.

It can make the acidity, PH and other indicators of insulating oil reach the national standard and effectively improve the indicators of insulating oil.

8. Used Lubricating Oil Recycling Machine

The equipment adopts an advanced oil treatment process, which can efficiently remove carbon ions, mechanical impurities, deep oxides and other fine impurities dispersed in the oil. It can also remove the colloidal substances in the oil so that the color of the oil can be restored to its original color, and various performance indicators of waste oil such as internal combustion engines can be restored, making it a qualified pure oil.

The equipment has a high recovery rate, low energy consumption and other processing costs, and good quality of oil products after treatment.

9. Get in Touch with China Oil Purifier

China Oil Purifier provides various insulating oil filtration equipment, lubricating oil purification equipment, and oil regeneration machines. It can effectively filter and purify various kinds of oil products and restore various properties of the treated oil. If you want to know about it or buy related products, please feel free to contact us.

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