Coalescing Dehydration and Oil Filtration Machine

  • JT Online Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine dehydrates by 2 kinds of filter elements. Coalescing filter will make the free and dissolved water from small molecule to big drop, then separation filter removes the water drop by gravity, falling into the water tank. It removes the particles by stages of filters and cleanness up to NAS grade 6.  
  • It is applicable for online running with light oil-filled, turbine oil-filled and lubricating oil-filled systems, especially good for water- leakage systems.


Introduce of Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine

The Coalescing Dehydration and Oil Filtration Machine are widely used in oil filtration of various hydraulic, lubrication and turbine systems, and its main function is demulsification and filtration. The equipment integrates advanced coalescing and separation filter elements, fine filtration, and high-efficiency demulsification. Multi-stage filtration can remove all kinds of fine impurities and ensure that the additives in the oil will not deteriorate.

Features of Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine

  1. The pipelines and tank of the purifier can be stainless steel or carbon steel.
  2. An oil/water interface detector is used to monitor water levels and discharge water automatically.
  3. The electric system is controlled by PLC (with touch screen), the working conditions of all the parts are displayed clearly, monitoring, alarming, action control and safety stop enable the oil filtration machine to run online. 
  4. Germany brand oil pump has good sealing quality, low noise and long service life. 
  5. Multilayer filtration can remove the impurities through the coarse filter, protecting filter, and fine filer. Granularity test is good to achieve NAS6.)

Parameter of Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine

ItemParameterUnit ModelJT-50JT-100JT-150JT-200
Technical ParameterFlow RateL/MIN50100150200
Working PressureMpa≤0.35
Temperature Range45-65
Power Supply (380V~50Hz) 3Phase 4Wires, or as per buyer’s option
Total electric powerKW1.53
Pipe diameter of oil Inlet/OutletDN25/2540/4050/5050/50
Oil Treatment   IndexWater Contentppm≤150
Filtering Accuracyµm3

The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Why Choose Yuneng’s Coalescence Dehydration Oil Filtration Machine?

  • The machine integrates precision filtration, high-efficiency combination and dehydration functions;
  • The dehydration efficiency is 20 times that of other oil purifiers;
  • Low operating cost, suitable for light oil and low viscosity oil;
  • Yuneng is a leading manufacturer in the oil purifier industry. We have a professional oil filtration research and development team, which can provide solutions for customers’ different needs. If you have any questions or needs about oil purifier, please feel free to contact us.

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