Dry Air Generator

Dry air generator for a transformer is used to remove moisture from the air. It is suitable for air drying of transformers. In the maintenance of power transformers, instrument transformers and other large power equipment, the dry air generator can keep the interior of the power equipment from moisture and prevent potential safety hazards.  

These dry air machines are specifically designed for transformer applications. It adopts an advanced and reliable microprogram control unit, which has the characteristics of automatic timing and automatic switching. Dry air generators remove particles up to 0.01 microns.

Chongqing Yuneng, as a reliable transformer air dryer supplier in China, cooperates with a famous local university (Chongqing University) to develop an integrated dry air generator. Customers can choose PLC to automatically check parameters. Yuneng’s air compressors can work continuously and reliably, without the need for workers to supervise, and can automatically alarm if a fault is diagnosed. The oil content of the air outlet of the machine is as low as 0.01PPM.

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