How Does Oil Purifier Perform In Oil Polluted By Water?

Oil and water are mutually insoluble two liquids, but under certain conditions, will form a stable or unstable emulsion, in contact with water, oil emulsification and emulsification degree is mainly determined by the composition of oil and water purity, the nature of the composition, but also related to the temperature and vibration of the oil-water system. This is a very troublesome problem, has been troubling everyone, so how to solve it? It’s obvious that an oil purification machine can save you from such worries, but let me first show you the situation that an oil purifier can control.



Significance of filtering contaminated oil

It is of great significance to make industrial gear oil with a deeply refined base oil, but industrial gear oil contains various functional additives (mostly surfactants), which will inevitably affect the separation ability of oil from water. Therefore, the oil development and production personnel add a certain proportion of demulsifiers with special properties to restrain this effect, so as to ensure that the oil has good emulsification. Controlling the amount of water and water quality in oil can not be ignored to prevent oil emulsification. In the use of industrial gear oil, it is necessary to avoid mixing rolling liquid with oil, because the rolling liquid emulsion itself can be considered as the emulsifying agent of oil. The centralized lubrication system of large gear devices adopts the prolonged oil settling time (such as oil tank switch), which is also a useful means of circulating oil filtration and centrifugal separation to prevent oil emulsification.

Cleaning principle of oil purifier

When filtering, dirty oil is distributed to each filter frame through the input channel, and impurities are filtered on the filter plate through the filter element, and collected in the output channel, and discharged outside the machine. Oil and dirt on the surface of the filter paper, milk chemical of capillary absorption of small water droplets are filter paper, the formation of big water flow to the bottom of the filter bed, put out from the drain valve at any time, when the filter residue on the surface of the filter paper gradually thickening and filter paper moisture content increased, filtration resistance increases, when the increased to a certain degree (average 0.3 -.05 mph) should stop filtering, replacement of filter paper, Keep using it.

High Vacuum Transformer oil filter machine

Oil Purifiers Characteristics

  1. It is composed of a filter bed, oil pump and coarse filter. This machine adopts filter paper or cloth as filter material, which is similar to a water filter to some extent.
  1. The filter paper or cloth is lined between the filter plate and the filter frame as the medium, which is convenient to replace. By virtue of the pressure of the pressing device, the filter plate and the filter frame are fixed to form a separate filter chamber, and the filter paper or filter cloth pressed between the filter plate and the filter frame plays a filtering role.
  1. It has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation, low operation cost and being free from site restrictions.

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