JT Coalescing Dehydration Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

  • Our vacuum hydraulic oil filtration machine is used to recover and purify contaminated hydraulic oil, and is used as lubricating oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil, etc. Our vacuum hydraulic oil purifier can quickly remove all pollutants such as moisture, particles, air, etc. from used hydraulic oil, and make the oil a new oil standard and can be used again. 
  • This machine adopts a dual-stage primary filtration structure, large-capacity particulate matter, and multi-stage filtration system to ensure high filtration accuracy. The use of special high-molecular materials as filtration materials has the functions of demulsification, dehydration, and particle removal. The equipment is equipped with an advanced intercooler system and an automatic backwashing system to improve work efficiency. Because it uses high-quality filter components, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and long service life.

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