YNZSY-JB Oil Mixing Machine

  • About the air and water pollution of this series of engine oil mixing machine: No process requires water in the production process of the equipment. There are no chemical reactions involved in the production process, so no emissions will be generated during the factory process and no air pollution will be caused.
  • About quality control facilities: A quality control laboratory is set up at the production facility of the proposed equipment to conduct on-site testing/analysis of the quality and applicability of various raw materials. In order to produce quality oil blending machines, critical process parameters for each batch will be systematically monitored and controlled. This requires the facilities of rapid analysis and process control laboratories with the necessary instruments and skilled technicians.


 Feature & Structure of Oil Mixing Machine

Main Parts

(1) Mixing tank: Loading capacity:250L (for another loading capacity, please contact me for more information)

(2) Circulating pumping pump

(3) Heater

(4) Heat-transfer oil pump

(5) Weighing system

(6) Vacuum system

(7) Electronic control system

(8) Mechanical stirring type

Working Environment

(1) Environment temperature: 0℃ to +45℃

(2) Power source: At buyer’s option

(3) Control mode: Automatic program control + manual control

Electronic Control System

(1)Panel display: Loading capacity; Operating Temperature Status display; Operation mode; Operating state; Running time.

(2)Fault Alarm or machine halt: Motor Overload; Fan Motor Overload; motor reverse(APRS Phase inversion controller); control power failure.

Structure of Oil Mixing Machine

(1)The equipment is a combination type, composed of a mixing tank, frame and additives containing box

(2)Equipped with a gas condensing unit

(3)When the liquid level in the mixing tank goes beyond the security level, the machine will alarm in time

(4)Equipped with an oil outlet pump


Parameter of Oil Mixing Machine

YNZSY-JB Series Oil Mixing Machine
Name of ParameterUnitYNZSY-JB500YNZSY-JB1000YNZSY-JB2000YNZSY-JB5000
Batch capacityL500100020005000
Working pressureMpa≤0.4
VacuityMpa-0.08 ~ -0.095
Temperature range20~100
Working noisedB(A)≤85
Filtering accuracyμm≤20
Working power (380V-50Hz) 3Phase 4 Wires, or as per buyer’s option
Total powerkW466688145

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Application of Oil Mixing Machine

  • Oil Mixing Machine is widely used in producing transformer oil, hydraulic oil, heat transfer oil, and other various lubricants.
  • Based on the agitation, the oil mixing machine adopts fluid internal circulation and multi-channel dispersion design, which can quickly and uniformly mix various additives and base oil. The heating process takes a constant temperature heat exchange system and it won’t damage the oil quality which is easily caused by local high-temperature. It uses an additive weighing system which is very accurate.
  • The oil mixing machine features an innovative structure and a reasonable layout. It belongs to the “Miniaturized Refined Oil Mixing Machine”. China oil purifier is committed to providing customers with the best blending solution for refined oil.

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