JZ Small Online On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC) Transformer Oil Filtration Unit

On-load tap-changer online oil filtration unit is mainly used for bypass circulation filtering of transformer high-voltage switch. While the main system is running normally, the bypass circulation filter system effectively absorbs the trace moisture in the insulating oil and intercepts the fine mechanical particles, so as to control the cleanliness of the transformer oil and improve the insulation strength of the oil.

The on-load tap-changer online oil filtration machine is designed to ensure that the electrical, physical, and chemical indicators such as the moisture content, flash point, breakdown voltage, cleanliness of insulating oil will not be reduced. And the equipment can prolong the maintenance period of main equipment such as transformer high-voltage switches and the life of the transformer oil. It can also ensure the safe operation of the equipment during the maintenance period.


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