Small Device and Customized Machine

YUNENG is dedicated to the research of small devices, such as mini oil filter machine/ portable oil filtration systems / small oil refinery. These devices are small, efficient and mobile.

This type of small device can quickly and efficiently degas, dehydrate, and remove impurities from insulating oil. Improve the voltage value to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment. Suitable for the treatment of aging transformer oil, transformer oil, switch oil and other unqualified insulating oils.

In addition, oil purifier can be customized according to customer needs. The customized oil filtration units of Yuneng have obtained the production license of explosion-proof electrical equipment issued by the relevant state departments.

With the rapid development of science and technology, Yuneng has also developed an intelligent oil purifier machine. It combines the advanced technology of network communication technology and control technology to remotely check the running status of the equipment in real-time, eliminate faults in time, and ensure that the equipment is used safely.

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