SF6 Gas Recovery and Filling Machine

  • The sf6 recovery and filling machine can recover, purify and replenish SF6-gas with a high degree of safety and reliability during its processing. It also provides a variety of functions through automatic drive and control technology.
  • This rugged sf6 gas handling equipment includes multiple components: a recovery system, aeration system, vacuum system, purification system, and gas storage system. Can store gaseous and liquid SF6.
  • The SF6 tank can withstand pressures up to 5.0mPa, and the SF6 gas can be recovered to a final vacuum of 1 mbar to 5 mbar, which far exceeds the IEC 62271-4 regulations. This type of equipment is equipped with semi-automatic controls and is easy to operate.
  • Our SF6 extraction and aeration equipment can dry, filter, and liquefy SF6-gas to refill internal storage tanks and external SF6 gas cylinders through high-performance and efficient processes.

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