Vacuum Transformer Evacuation System and Air Drying Machine

  • China oil purifier‘s transformer evacuation system is used to treat the moisture and gas produced by vacuum pumps and Roots pumps. This equipment can be started quickly, the working performance is stable, and it has a powerful vacuum pumping capacity. It
    uses a digital intelligent system, easy to operate, and supports GIS connection, strong anti-oxidation ability. 
  • The vacuum extraction system is mainly used for vacuum drying, and at the same
    time, oil is injected into high-voltage transformers such as 1000kV, ±800kV, 500kV, and 220kV, transmission lines. The oil reaches the purification standard, meanwhile, it can extend the time for replacing the vacuum oil and reduce the economic pressure on the enterprise.


Introduction of Transformer Evacuation System

The vacuum transformer evacuation system is mainly used for vacuum drying of high voltage electrical transformer such as 220KV, 500KV, ±800KV, 1000KV and keep it in a high vacuum degree before vacuum oil injection. By selecting world-famous German vacuum pumps, the working vacuity of our transformer evacuation system can reach up to 10Pa, limit vacuity up to 1Pa. And the GIS interface and vacuum degree intelligent setting are available according to customer’s requirement. The advantages include anti-sucking, fast startup, quick pumping, stable performance and simple operation.

Features of Transformer Evacuation System

  1. Compact structure and convenient in operation. 
  2. Two vacuum pumps are world-famous brands, such as BUSCH, Leybold and Atlas.The pumps have high pump speed so that they attain high working vacuity.
  3. Equip in-line magnetic filter could keep large impurities out of equipment and prevent damaging the vacuum pump.
  4. With PLC option for unattended automatic control.

Technical Data of Transformer Evacuation System

Name of ParameterUnit / ModelZJ-70ZJ-150ZJ-300ZJ-600ZJ-1200
Pumping speedm³/h252540108021604320
Limit vacuityPa≤3≤1
Power supply 380V, 50Hz,  3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Pumping level 23
Diameter of vacuum connectionmm2540506580

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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