2000LPH Mobile & Weather-Proof Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine Mounted on Trailer

  • YUNENG Mobile & Weather -Proof Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine Mounted on Trailer is a special design for outside operation. It takes all-weather housing cover to prevent rain and dust. And it is mounted on a double axle and four big car wheels to ensure it can be towed on the road.
  • Our ZJA2BT has the same functions as the common ZJA double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier machine. It can purify the transformer oil quickly by removing water, gas and mechanical particles. It also can pump out the non-corrosive gas in the transformer or other container. It is suitable for on-site transformer oil purification and oil maintenance for different places.


Application of Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine

Transformer Oil, Insulating Oil Silicon Oil, Cable Oil, Switch Oil, Transformer Vegetable Oil, etc.

Parameters of Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine

Model number: ZJA2BT

Nominal flow: 2000 L /Hr

Oil purification capacity: 33 L / Min

Working vacuum: ≤80Pa

Ultimate vacuum: ≤5Pa

Working pressure: ≤0. 5Mpa

Working temperature: 0~100℃

Working power supply: 50Hz, 380V, three-phase, four-wires or as per buyer’s request

Heating power: 12kW,  Total power: 17kW

Pipe diameter of inlet and outlet: DN25 / DN25

Dimensions: 207×157×239cm (subject to final equipment)

Machine weight: Approx.1700Kg

Working noise: ≤80dB (A)

Continuous working time: ≥ 200 hours

Average normal running time:≥5000 hours

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Oil Specification Purified by Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine

Transformer oil contains 10% of gas and 50ppm of water and 30kV of break voltage can be improved to the following property:

Residual water content: ≤5-8 ppm

Residual gas content: ≤0.1%~0.3 Vol .

Dielectric strength: ≥ 70kV -75 kV /2.5mm 

Removable particle size in oil: 1um  

Acetylene content: none

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