6000L/H Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

  • This transformer oil dehydration machine is especially suitable for treating old-style transformer oil, which contains moisture, gas, impurities, fine particles and acidic substances. The double stage vacuum transformer oil treatment equipment is specially designed to completely purify the insulating oil in the transformer. It can filtrate old aging transformer oil, so it is similar to new oil. The transformer oil dehydration machine can degas, dewater and remove particles in the oil. It could also improve insulation strength.  
  • After oil purification, the old transformer oil will become fresh and new oil with standard quality that can be reused.


Application of Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

  • 6000L/H Double Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine supplied by Yuneng is a professional designed to remove moisture, dissolved gases non-ferrous suspended particles so as to achieve the required properties of transformer oil.
  • A transformer is one of the most important and costly components of a power system. And transformers are too expensive to replace regularly and must be properly maintained to maximize their life expectancy. When the insulation oil in the transformer gets aged, it will damage the transformer. 
  • Filtration of transformer oil is one of the transformer maintenance activities since the transformer’s life mainly depends on its insulating oil i.e. transformer oil. To purify transformer oil, a high vacuum transformer oil dehydration machine is used.

Different Options For Double Stage Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

  1. Open type: This kind of machine doesn’t have a metal door or trailer, usually customers will choose this kind of transformer oil purifier to use inside.
  2. Atic conditions: Enclosed type: This transformer oil treatment equipment is weatherproofed and suitable for outdoor usage. It could be protected against clim.
  3. Trailer type: The trolley mounted type transformer oil filtration system is mainly used for different site projects, which customer needs to transfer the machine from one site to another site.

Features of Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

  1. Stainless steel degassing and dehydration separation tower.
  2. Patented anti-injector technology to ensure accurate liquid level control and no oil spray.
  3. Pressure protection device to effectively protect the machine and filters, enabling unattended.
  4. Electrical interlock protection to prevent equipment damage caused by misuse, the oil filter can ensure safe operation under any circumstances.

Parameter of Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

Model:ZJA6Nominal flow:6000L/h
Capacity:100L/MinWorking pressure:≤0.5MPa
Limit vacuum: ≤5PaWorking vacuum:≤80Pa
Operating oil temperature:45~65℃(Adjustable)Power:According to customer’s requirement
Heating power:60KwTotal power:67kw
Working noise:≤78dB(A)Weight for reference:1200Kg
Inlet/outlet diameter:32/32mmSize for reference:1870×1250×2190mm
Average normal running time:≥5000 hoursLift:≤30m

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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