YN-809A/B/C Transformer Oil Moisture Testing Equipment

  • Our transformer oil moisture testing equipment uses Karl Fischer Coulometric titration. This instrument is suitable for processing chemicals and flammable samples. The trace moisture titrator has the characteristics of fast analysis, simple operation, high precision and strong automation. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, railway, pesticide, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries.  
  • The instrument has three optional models: no printer button, button with printer and full touch screen with the printer. You can choose different models according to the needs of your factory or company.


Introduction of Transformer Oil Moisture Testing Equipment

The instrument of oil-water content testing equipment is used for Coulometric water determination according to Karl Fischer. The instrument is designed for usage as a titrator in analytical laboratories. Its main application field is volumetric titration.

The present instrument is suitable for processing chemicals and flammable samples. The usage of these titrators, therefore, requires that the user has basic knowledge and experience in the handling of toxic and caustic substances. Knowledge with respect to the application of the fire prevention measures prescribed for laboratories is also mandatory.

Parameter of Oil Water Content Testing Equipment

Other Specification of Oil Test Equipment

Modes Coulometric KF titration with automatic blank deduction
Endpoint indication: Voltammetric, AC indication
Iodine production: Pulse with variable current strength and length
                                 Current at the generator electrode: 100, 200, 400 mA

Titration speed max: 2.4 mg H2O/min
Determination range: 10 ug to 100 mg H2O
Resolution: 0.1 ug H2O
Reproducibility Sample: Reagent manufacturer’s standard.
                                          With 10 ug…1000 ug H2O: ± 2 ug
                                          With >1000 ug H2O: 0.2% or better

Drift compensation: Automatic
Display Graphical LCD: 240 x 128 dots, LED back-lit
Printer: Built-in thermal printer, Paper width 57 mm
Memory: Data storage 500 results
Stirrer control: Coordinated with the titration process
RS232 interface: Computer connection

Ambient temperature
Nom. operation range: 5 – 40 °C
Storage: 20 – 60 °C
Transport: 40 – 60 °C
Mains connection
Voltage: 100…240 V ± 10 %
Frequency: 50 … 60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 30 W

The material of housing: Steel
The material of display: Glass(LCD)
Width: 320 mm
Height: 240 mm
Depth: 150 mm
Weight: 8 kg

Parts and Controls

Coulometer Part


                                                  KF Coulometer 

KeypadDisplayTitration vesselSwitchConnection for power cableRS232 interfaces
USB interfacesConnection of generator electrodeConnection of indicator electrodeTitration vessel bracketMiniature printer 

Titration Vessel Part


               Electrolytic cell diagram                                                           Electrolytic cell assembly diagram

Indicator electrodeIndicator electrode WireGenerator electrodeGenerator electrode WireDiaphragmStopperDrying tube for indicator electrode
DesiccantSeptum stopperStirring barSpace of anodeSpace of cathodeStopper for Space of anode 

Optional Models

  • YN-809A Oil moisture tester, push-button without printer
  • YN-809B Oil-water tester, push-button with the printer
  • YN-809C Oil-water analyzer, full touch screen with printer

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