ZJ Vacuum Drying Machine For High Voltage Electrical Transformer

  • The transformer vacuum drying machine is widely used in the installation and maintenance of various large transformers to achieve efficient vacuum drying and vacuum oiling. The device has the functions of fast air extraction, low energy consumption, LCD display and flexible movement. The leakage rate of the unit is less than 1%. The vacuum system is equipped with an anti-oil return device and a phase sequence automatic reversing system to prevent the vacuum pump from running in the reverse direction.
  • The vacuum drying of the transformer vacuum pump is fast in starting and pumping, so it is especially suitable for the Vacuum of transformers. 
  • In addition, it can be used for vacuum processing in vacuum metallurgy, welding, chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings and electronics industries.


Product Introduction

The transformer drying vacuum pump appropriates for vacuum drying and also vacuum oil injecting for high voltage electrical transformer from 220kV-1000kV. As well as it adopts an air-cooled rotary vane vacuum pump and roots pump, the functioning vacuum level is 50Pa, the maximum functioning vacuum level can reach 10Pa, the ultimate vacuum level is 1-3Pa. There is a mix of axial fan and also condenser to take care of moisture and also gas from the vacuum pump and roots pump, it can extend time to change vacuum oil while fulfilling emission criteria.

Features of Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine

  1. PLC option available for automatic control
  2. Offering GIS connection
  3. Monitoring digital vacuum degree 
  4. The machine can start quickly
  5. Strong vacuum pump ability
  6. Steady efficiency

Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine Work Flow Chart


Parameter of Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine

Name of Parameter             Unit / Model ZJ-70 ZJ-150 ZJ-300 ZJ-600 ZJ-1200
Pumping Speed m³/h 252 540 1080 2160 4320
Limit Vacuity Pa ≤3 ≤1
Power Supply   380V, 50Hz,  3-Phase 4-Wire  (or as requested)
Power kW 4 6 10 14 27
Pumping Level   2 3
Diameter of vacuum connection mm 25 40 50 65 80
Size Length mm 1200 1300 1500 1600 2500
Width mm 950 1000 1150 1150 1750
Height mm 1500 1600 1850 2000 2000
Weight kg 310 430 520 780 2200

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Advantages of Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine

  • With imported backing sliding-vane rotary vacuum pump and Roots blower pump manufactured by LEYBOLD/BUSCH corporation in Germany.
  • They are reliable in quality, large in air-pump capacity, high in vacuum degree, low noise and can continuously operate for 24H.
  • With twin-stage vacuum pumps, the roots pump is its main pump, and a sliding-vane rotary vacuum pump is its backing pump. 
  • With imported resistance digital-display vacuum gauge, it is accurate in digital display, convenient in reading and carries out the whole set automatically self-control through cooperating with other components.
  • Phase order protection: this set has the phase order protection function so there will be no vacuum pump reversal.

Product Images


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