YNZSY-LTY Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine

The Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine adopts a vacuum filling system (filling petroleum and chemicals). During the operation of the equipment, the chemical reaction and physical absorption process are carried out at the same time to ensure the complete removal of impurities in the oil. The oil refining machine is equipped with a mechanical control system to ensure the safe and effective operation of the equipment. 

China Chongqing Yuneng Co., Ltd. cooperates with a famous university (Chongqing University) to develop oil filtering and refining technologies. The filtered oil can reach very high international standards without destroying the characteristics of the oil, and can be used as base oil.  


Introduction of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine

  • The pyrolysis oil to diesel plant is a new type of oil refining equipment, researched and developed by our company and our local famous university (Chongqing University) combined with the actual situation of tyre oil.
  • The whole treating process is going under atmospheric temperature. It can effectively remove the tiny particles and colloidal matter in the tire oil, and meanwhile, it can remove the odor of the oil, and finally makes the oil color looks clean and transparent and improve the economic value.
  • It features a high recycling rate, low costs of energy consumption, good oil processing ability. It is suitable for the purification and deodorization of tyre oil.

Features of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine

  1. Filling system (oil and chemicals)
  2. Blending process system (chemical reaction and physical absorption)
  3. Filtration process system
  4. Control system
  5. Vacuum system

Technical Data of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine

Parameter nameModel / UnitYNZSY-LTY250YNZSY-LTY500YNZSY-LTY1000YNZSY-LTY1500YNZSY-LTY2000
Treatment capacityL/h250500100015002000
Loading capacityLiters250500100015002000
Recovery rate%75-90
Working vacuityMpa-0.06 ~ -0.095
Working noisedB(A)≤70
Working power (380V-50Hz), 3Phase 4Wires, or as request
Total Electric PowerkW1013131515

* The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Flow Chart of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine


Advantages of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Recycling Machine

  1. Applies both physical and chemical treatments to remove the tiny impurities and colloids in the tire oil.
  2. Using sand filtration technology to remove impurities and odor quickly, and finally, restore the used oil’s color and quality
  3. The electrical control system adopting an interlock control setting, this is very simple, safe and reliable to use.
  4. Using an automatic fling system that can fill the tire oil into the process tank automatically SO that decreases the labor intensity.
  5. The equipment’s structure is novel, reasonable disposition and occupying only a mall area.
  6. Excellent treating effect and low treatment cost.

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Chongqing Yuneng Oil-Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers 90% domestic market share for the oil filtration system in China and export to over 80 different countries. If you have any questions or needs about our oil purification machine, please feel free to contact us.

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