Understand Transformer Dry Air Generator Before You Regret

This article will discuss the role and importance of dry air in the transformer maintenance process and introduce the function of the transformer dry air generator.


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Importance of Transformer Dry Air

Ultra-high voltage transformers have a high failure rate during operation, so transformer maintenance is very important. Transformer dry air generators are widely used to provide dry air during the maintenance of large power equipment such as transformers and reactors. Dry air can ensure that the insulating parts inside these power equipment will not get wet, and maintenance personnel will not be suffocated due to a lack of oxygen when working inside the equipment.

1. In the maintenance of transformers, reactors, and other equipment, the safety of maintenance personnel can be guaranteed.

Dry air itself is non-toxic and harmless and has very high safety. During maintenance, if the air is filled with dry air, compared with the use of nitrogen, it can not only reduce the work of nitrogen removal the next day but also avoid the danger of hypoxia and asphyxiation caused by nitrogen not being cleaned up. It can provide a safer working environment for the staff.

2. It can greatly reduce the dampness of the insulating materials of transformers, reactors, and other equipment.

A large number of insulating materials are installed inside transformers and other equipment. Once the transformer is damp, the insulating properties of the insulating materials will be reduced, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the transformer and even cause safety accidents. Filling with dry air can avoid the dampness of the insulating parts inside the power equipment.

Dry Air is Safer, More Reliable, More Economical and More Convenient than Using Nitrogen

Nitrogen is expensive and can be significantly more expensive than dry air. If you choose to fill with dry air, you can save costs economically.

In addition, if nitrogen is not removed, maintenance workers may face the risk of suffocation caused by a lack of oxygen. So dry air is safer than nitrogen.

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What are the Characteristics of Transformer Drying Air Generator

1. The Transformer Dry Air Generator can function continuously and accurately without worker supervision, diagnosing faults as well as releasing alarm systems. And it can automatically reactivate after power fails.

2. Adopt a sophisticated as well as reputable microprogram control system, which has the characteristics of automatic timing as well as automated switching.

3. The device has a collection of real-time display screen instruments such as power supply voltage, electrical outlet pressure, electrical outlet dew point, outlet temperature level, as well as suction pressure, which is really convenient to take care of.

4. Comprehensively utilize the respective advantages of the cold dryer, suction dryer, coalescing oil-water separation, and ultra-fine filtration, scientifically combine the three drying and purification processes such as freezing, adsorption, and filtration, through reasonable pipeline connection and capacity. Combined to achieve optimum economical operation, it produces high-quality dry air with low dew point.

5. Integrated design, PLC automatic control, automatic detection of various operating parameters, compact and reasonable structure, good drying effect, low regeneration gas consumption, long working life, good use effect of composite desiccant, and three times longer life than ordinary adsorbents.

6. Using microcomputer program control, high efficiency, energy-saving, safe and reliable.

7. High-pressure oil-free compressor, low-temperature coagulation technology, cyclone coalescence dehydration, renewable adsorption dehydration technology, high-precision coalescence degreasing, and dehydration filter element, 0.01μm precision filter to ensure air cleanliness, simple operation, easy to use Safe and reliable, save energy.

Application Range of Transformer Dry Air Generator

Transformer dry air generators are used to provide low dew-point dry air during the installation or maintenance of power equipment such as transformers and reactors. The dry air it provides can ensure that the insulation material inside the equipment is not damp, and the staff will not suffocate due to a lack of oxygen when working inside the equipment.

If the equipment is repaired and filled with dry air using a dry air generator, it will not be affected by changes in external weather conditions. It can effectively shorten the construction period, improve efficiency, and effectively improve the quality of installation or maintenance work.

When using dry air to maintain large transformers and reactors, it is necessary to continuously charge dry air. In this way, a pressure difference can be formed with the external environment to protect the insulating material in the power equipment from being easily damped and effectively protect the insulating material.

What is the Function of Transformer Drying Air Generator

Transformer dry air generators produce high-quality dry air with low dew points. It plays an important role in the installation and maintenance of power equipment such as transformers.

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