YNZSY Used Black Oil Recycling Machine

  • Used Oil Recycling Machine is a new type of regeneration equipment, researched and developed by our company and our local famous university (Chongqing University).
  • This machine adopts the most advanced treatment technology to remove tiny particles in the oil efficiently, such as carbon particles, mechanical particles, depth oxide and so on.
  • It can also remove colloid and asphalt and restore the oil color to clean and transparent, so as to improve the performance index of the waste oil and make it become qualified clean oil.


The Introduction of Used Black Oil Recycling Machine

  • China oil purifier‘s used black oil recycling machine consists of multiple systems:
  • 1. Pretreatment system: After the pretreatment, the waste oil is pumped into the distillation kettle.
  • 2. Distillation system: The oil in the kettle is brought to the working temperature by burning coal, gasoline, or fuel oil. The system is equipped with a stirring system and a thermal insulation system.  
  • 3. Cooling system: Gaseous hydrocarbons will be cooled to the liquid base oil. Gasoline and diesel.
  • 4. Oil storage system: Base oil, gasoline and diesel are taken from the oil storage tank of the cooling system and then pumped into the oil storage tank.
  • 5. Vacuum system: meet the technical requirements, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • 6. Filtration system: Quickly filter out the mechanical impurities in the base oil and gasoline and diesel to obtain high-quality base oil and gasoline and diesel.

Used Black Oil Recycling Machine Flow Chart


Parameter of Used Black Oil Recycling Machine

YNZSY Series Used Black Oil Recycling Machine
Parameter Name Unit YNZSY250-1 YNZSY500-1 YNZSY1000-1 YNZSY2000-1
Treating capacity L/h 62.5 125 360 500
Loading capacity L 250 500 1000 2000
Recovery rate % 75~90
Working pressure Mpa ≤0.4
Vacuity Mpa -0.06 ~ -0.095
Heater temperature range ≤180
Working noise dB(A) ≤80
Working power   (380V-50Hz) 3Phase 4 Wires, or as per buyer’s option
Total electric power kW 50 60 90 110

*The machine size, the weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

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In addition to the used black oil recycling machine, we also provide an oil purification machine that can purify transformer oil, hydraulic oil, lube oil and turbine oil. Our company can produce 1,000 sets of oil purifier machine for other fluids every year. We are one of the world’s competitive companies specializing in high-tech oil purifier research and manufacture. If you have any questions or needs for our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Waste Lubricating Oil Recycling Machine in Saudi Arabia


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