3 Notifications for Oil Purifier Users

Do you know what are the wrong ways to use an Oil Purifier? And do you know that a slight error of using it can be dangerous? So it is better to know how does the purifier machine work before you start operating one, lest it easily going wrong with the machine under your wrong operation. Here’s some notification for you, and the following guide will help you know about the whole operation of a purifier machine.

Oil Purifier

1. Notification to Follow for Purifier Preparation:

  • Open gate valve 29 on the air inlet of the mechanical pump and open the mechanical pump 31. Pay attention to the increase in the vacuum value of the speed control valve.
  • Open the speed regulating valve and adjust the pressure to -0.08Mpa when the vacuum value is -0.08Mpa, then open the oil inlet valve 15 to make the liquid flow in.
  • When the oil enters the vacuum tank and the oil level reaches the inside position of the oil level gauge, open the oil outlet gate valve 20 or 22, open the oil pump 25, and start the oil outlet at the oil outlet
  • When spraying or spraying with oil and air drying, the entire core of the equipment should be sprayed with oil; when carrying out cycle purification treatment, the speed, temperature and cycle time of the injection must be controlled according to relevant regulations.
  • There must be a certain amount of qualified oil in the vacuum tank before the oil machine is running, to ensure that the oil level of the transformer oil pillow is balanced when the oil machine is running.

2. Notification to Operate Machines:

  • Checking the pressure indicator to see if there’s oil leakage of joints or drains, if that happens then what need to do first is to discharge the oil, and then turn off the speed controller to ensure the transformer oil purification machine work well.
  • Adjust the opening amount of the liquid inlet gate valve 15 so that the amount of oil in and out is balanced, and the oil level gauge on the vacuum tank is in the inner position.
  • When the oil is circulated through the routine, you can turn on the self-control electric heater. It should be noted that before turning on the electric heater, the temperature must be adjusted within the automatic control range of 45-65° When the temperature is 65°C, the oil will be treated accordingly. The amount and the surrounding temperature depend on whether the manual electric heater is turned on.
  • The transformer oil purifier is in regular operation and after the oil has been circulated several times, it can be sampled from the sampling port for inspection.
  • When the transformer oil purifier is used to inject oil into transformers, transformers, bushings, etc., and to carry out vacuum clean oil air drying, auxiliary vacuum sources and auxiliary electric heaters are generally not needed. The vacuum source and electric heater attached to the equipment can meet the power requirements. The need for drying equipment

3. Notifications to Avoid Different Emergencies:

  • When the mechanical pump is running, you should pay attention to the oil condition indicated by the oil standard. When the vacuum pump oil has a lot of water, it should be replaced in time.
  • When it is found that there is too much water in the cooling tower during operation, it should be released in time.
  • It is often necessary to pay attention to the change of the pressure gauge value. When the pressure is >0.3Mpa, the filter should be cleaned or the filter components should be replaced.
  • The primary filter and the secondary filter screen should be removed and cleaned from time to time and kept clean to avoid clogging, causing insufficient liquid inlet or excessive pressure.
  • At any time during operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the running noise of the pump and the corresponding motor is normal. If there is an abnormality, it should be eliminated immediately.
  • When the oil purifier is not in use, the residual oil in the oil machine should be drained and reserved.

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