3 Situations Can Lubricating Oil Purifiers Work On

Oxidation is the main reason for oil deterioration, among the working motor, the changes of oil quality and the precipitation are all caused by it, and there are two types of oxidation, and that’s when it calls for a Lube Oil Purifier.

1. The Work Principle of Lubricating Oil Purifier

The oxidation of base oil is a hydrocarbon chain oxidation reaction of free radicals and peroxides. When the base oil starts to oxidize, free radicals are generated. Free radicals have higher energy and can “knock out” molecular chains when in contact with other molecules. The number of molecules increases exponentially, thus forming a chain reaction. At the same time, lubricating oil is used in the engine. It will face the following situation: some oil remains on the cylinder liner, which can withstand a high temperature of several hundred degrees so that the light fraction in the lubricating oil is vaporized, the heavy fraction is oxidized, and large and small molecular compounds are generated in the oxidation process. The macromolecular components produced by the oxidation of the lubricating oil are mixed with the incoming fuel components. Eventually, it falls into the oil collecting groove through the piston ring, thereby accelerating the oxidation of the lubricating oil.


Turbine Oil Purifier

The oxidation in lube oil purifiers consists of oxygenate compounds, paint films and carbon deposits. Which was conducted directly by Oxygen compounds such as alcohols, formaldehyde, ketones, acids, and phenols, and the rest of the components will escape from evaporation which inducts a huge loss of Oil. The coacervation of the flu in the oil will form a film under the high temps, On the one hand, the formation of coke deposits is caused by incomplete combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber. On the other hand, this is because the lubricating oil enters the combustion chamber from the cylinder wall and is contaminated by combustion products in the cylinder, and is not completely burned, resulting in a depth change.

2. The Oxidation Products of Ordinary Lubricating Oil Will Bring the Following Hazards to the Engine:

① The acidic substances produced by the oxidation of lubricating oil will corrode metal parts.

② Oil-insoluble deposits are formed after the lubricating oil is oxidized. It is easy to block the oil circuit and oil purifier in the lubrication system, which will destroy the circulating lubrication of the lubricating oil and increase the wear.

③ The deposits produced by oxidation are deposited on the valve and in the piston ring groove, which will burn the valve and bond the piston ring, causing the piston ring to lose elasticity and increase the consumption of lubricating oil.


Coalescing Dehydration and Oil Filtration Machine

In short, the accumulation of oxidation products in the lubricating oil will cause significant changes in the appearance and physical and chemical properties of the lubricating oil. The color of the oil changes from light to dark, even black. The viscosity of the oil increases, the acidity increases, and deposits often appear in the oil.

3. The Performance of a Lubricating Oil Purifier

Our company‘s lube oil purifier is specially used for various substandard lube oil cleanings, such as oxidized oil, turbine oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil and cooler oil. According to the lubricating oil nature, the vacuum oil purifier manufactured by YUNENG can quickly remove water, gas, particles, and impurities in the contaminated lubricating oil, thereby cleaning the lubricating oil and ensuring the quality and standard parameters of the oil. This will ensure that the machine’s lubrication system reaches normal working levels and prolongs the mechanical life. In addition, the oil can prolong the service life of the oil in each cycle during the purification process, so it can save the replacement cost of new oil.

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