5 Important Indicators of Transformer Oil You Should Know

Most purifier operation sites distribute in the open air, which means that your purifier machines would be exposed to a wet environment, plus oil’s in a natural deterioration, all the facts can be the reason that something going wrong with its insulation, it might indirectly cause into cooling failures. So to prevent the deterioration of the machine, some regular checks on machines and purifier oil are necessary.

What Are The Indicators You Should Accord to?

To do tests of transformer oil, there are five indicators for you to refer to which including acid value, water-soluble acid, flash point, and breakdown voltage of its external shape.

5 Indicators That Matching Many Different Conditions

① The breakdown voltage limit is less than its over 20KV. There are some possible reasons for exceeding the limits: excessive water in the oil; oil pollution and particle pollution. The following measures can be taken, when the breakdown voltage exceeds the limit: find out the factors, perform vacuum oil purifier treatment, frame pressure oil purifier treatment, or replace the oil. Generally using vacuum oil purification machine demand is greater than the breakdown voltage 50kv.

② The flash limit point is less than 130 ℃., or lower than the previous experimental value at 5 ℃. There are more than two reasons: overheating equipment or using the wrong type of oil. You can find the issue and clear the trouble, use a transformer oil filtration machine for processing, or change the oil.


transformer oil filtration machine

③ If the oil is in non-transparent, impurities or suspension, the possible reasons for the unusual appearance of the oil include the presence of water, fibers, black carbon, and other solids. The following actions should be taken to prevent those problems:

  • The oil is fuzzy and cloudy white, which indicates that the oil contains water.
  • The oil looks dark, even with focal flavor, it is possible that internal arc faults or partial discharge. with insulating oil vacuum regeneration plant can easily remove these substances and reduce the frequency of changing oil.

④ The standard ultra-limiting acid degree is 0.1mgKOH/g, if yours is more or less, that might be caused by the following reasons:

Overload, antioxidant consumption, and oil pollution can be the very reasons that affect the ultra-limiting acid degree flowing up and down. To control it effectively the following measures can be taken to exceed the limit of acid value. To investigate the reason, you should make enough tests to measure the antioxidant content, and supplement it appropriately, regenerate the transformer oil, and if it is economically reasonable, change the oil. I recommend you Our YZC Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine, the transformer oil regeneration machine is particularly suitable for regenerating used and aged transformer oils and insulating oils.


YZC Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

⑤ The super limit of water-soluble acid is less than 4.2. Possible reasons for exceeding two limits: oil aging; oil pollution. In addition to the limitation of water-soluble acids, the following measures may be taken: increase the test and compare the number with the acid value to find out the cause. Recycled oil and oil change have to be done if it is economically reasonable.

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