Can Transformer Oil Be Recycled?

Transformer oil (also known as insulating oil) is a non-renewable resource that can be re-refined into a new product for reuse. When not handled properly, transformer oil can be harmful to the environment as well as humans. And this article will guide you to know more about recycling oil.

What Effects Would Waste Oil Bring Us?

The most common problems in the use of hydraulic oil are hydraulic oil water ingress, hydraulic oil particles and oil particles. Water ingress of hydraulic oil would easily cause the hydraulic oil pump to turn white. Particles and metals in the hydraulic oil would cause the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil to exceed the standard 12 Above level. If this contaminated hydraulic oil continues to be used, it is extremely easy to cause problems such as equipment failure, valve blockage, large operating noise, and stable equipment operation.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out filtration and purification treatment with a transformer oil filtration machine in time. The hydraulic oil purified by professional equipment can be reused. After purification, the recycled hydraulic oil can not only save the cost of new oil, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the scrapped hydraulic oil.

Intelligent Transformer Oil Filtration Equipment


The Hydraulic Oil Can Be Reused After Purification

Purification goals of Yuneng Industrial Lubrication Hydraulic Oil: remove fine mechanical impurities, solid particles, metal particles, remove moisture, acidic substances, and colloids, greatly improve the cleanliness of the oil, improve the chroma of the oil, and the index meets or approaches the new oil, In line with the requirements for continued use, replacing the purchase of new oil.

The Purified Hydraulic Oil is Helping Us Protect Our Environment

As long as the hydraulic oil is used reasonably, regularly tested, and maintained and purified in time, the healthy level of the oil can be maintained for a long time, and the service life of the oil can be greatly extended by 3-5 times. According to the experience analysis of Yuneng lubrication technology, the high-quality oil can be used for 5-6 times of circulating filtration and purification, that is, the service life can be extended by 5-6 times. This alone can significantly reduce the cost of new oil purchases.

ZJB Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant


The total amount of harmful impurities in waste hydraulic oil is usually in the range of 5%~35%, and the remaining 95%~65% are useful ingredients. As long as the appropriate filtration and purification process is adopted, the quality is close to or meets the new oil standard. The purification and regeneration of waste hydraulic oil turns waste into treasure and saves resources, and reduces environmental pollution.

Chongqing YUNENG Oil Purifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides a variety of transformer oil filtration machines that can remove oxidizing substances in the oil, thereby extending the life of antioxidants and additives. Remove particles, water, gases, acids and other substances from transformer oil without damaging the original additives of the oil and maintaining its original properties. In addition, the machine uses a fully enclosed model, which is safe and environmentally friendly. The machine can withstand high temperatures below 300℃, and completely remove free water from oil. If you are looking for a reliable oil purifier manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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