How to Distinguish Inferior Transformer Oil On the Market?

There are many kinds of oil on the market, and it is difficult for people to distinguish. Many poor-quality oils contain impurities that can easily wear down the machine, and even make the machine scrapped. Then how to distinguish inferior oil? This article will guide you to understand some how-to-distinguish-poor-quality-oil basic knowledge.

The Importance of Transformer Oil:

The coils of a Transformer Oil Filtration Machine consist of closely wound wires. Heat is generated in the interior of these windings, which is conducted away by the oil. In order to dissipate heat into the surrounding area, large surfaces are required. For this reason, transformers mostly look like enormous radiators, which are sometimes equipped with additional ventilators or heat exchangers. In order for the oil to circulate properly, these must be correspondingly thin. The measurement of viscosities, which can increase from the usual 8-9 mm²/s at 40°C to over 10 mm²/s due to operating influences, is an integral part of every trend analysis.


Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Waste Engine Oil is Generally Divided Into the Following Categories:

  • The Recycling of Waste Oil

Recycling waste oil is to precipitate the used oil several times with the oil recovered from repair shops, 4S shops, etc., and then put the precipitated oil into the oil drums used by the people who bought it from the purchase station, and finally sell it. To the market.

  • Mixing of Base Oil Without Adding Chemical Agents

The original embryo engine oil must be added with anti-wear agents, metal protective agents and some chemical agents that stabilize the oil quality to better protect the engine.

  • Low-grade Canned Oil

In fact, most counterfeit oils are well-known brand oils in the high-end market. Because the well-known brand oils are good, effective, and high in price, how can illegal traders let go of such a good business opportunity, so this kind of fake oil is also a market The most frequently appeared on the page.

Tips For You to Choose Your Transformer Oil:

Observing the outer packaging of the engine oil to see if there is a disposable oil sealing cap. It is worth noting that there is usually tin foil in the gap, and there are raised trademarks on the high-grade oil tin foil. The genuine products are made more delicate, and the edges of the patterns and codes are clear and neat.

The color is light and transparent, with no impurities, suspended matter or sediment, no pungent odor, and the liquid with good fluidity when shaking may be the original existing liquid.

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