How to Save Cost Through an Oil Purifier

There are several types of oil purification machines on the market now: vacuum oil purifier, plate and frame oil purifier, centrifugal oil purifier, small oil purifier truck and so on. Yuneng company mainly produces vacuum oil purifiers, plate and frame oil purifiers, and oil purifiers. Nowadays, the vacuum oil purifier is the most widely used in the market, and its filtering effect is also very good. The oil purifier is mainly processing the oil, gas, impurities, and moisture improves the color and makes the oil reusable. The hydraulic oil purifier increases the utilization rate of oil products and reduces production costs.

Modern Oil Purifier or Traditional Oil Purification? A Way to Save Cost

The traditional waste oil recovery model is right. The oil filtered by the oil purifier can remove impurities in the oil more cleanly, with better results, and a simple and convenient operation. This statement was learned from a return visit of one of my customers. He is a rubber factory. It used traditional oil filtering mode before, using filter cloth and sedimentation. But now their oil volume is getting bigger and bigger, and if they filter with the traditional mode, the effect is not good, so they bought a lubricating oil purifier from our company. Solve a large number of problems in production and reduce manpower. This can be regarded as a small amount of money, so it’s a good one.

High Vacuum Transformer oil filter machine

How Much You Can Save in One Year Through the Oil Purifier

Regarding the cost savings, this question how much it can depend on the actual situation, The following is the real case from our customer, and you can calculate by this algorithm and see how much you can save in one year after using the oil purifier.

There are 12 large and small petrol stations on one line. The oil products used by the 12 petrol stations are different. The most used is 42# 220#320# 460# 680# A production line should use more than 30 tons of oil a year. The weight of a barrel of new oil is 170 kilograms, the unit price of new oil is 18 yuan per kilogram, the unit price of waste oil is 3 yuan per kilogram, and a barrel of used oil (170 kilograms) can only be sold for 510 yuan. If you buy 20 tons of new oil every year, it costs 360,000 yuan. If you replace 20 tons of waste oil every year, you can only sell 60,000 nothing. The difference between new oil and waste oil is 300,000 yuan per year, but you buy a 100-type filter oil. The machine needs 60,000 yuan, and the service life is 10 years. After deducting depreciation, the cost saved in the first year is more than 250,000 yuan. The figure is very optimistic.

Keys to Buy a Cost-effective Oil Purifier

How can you really buy a cost-effective oil purifier? Now that there are so many oil purifier products on the Internet, the various news is really a headache. Asking some oil purifier companies, I always feel like they are fooling. In fact, sometimes when we want to buy an oil purifier, we have to explain your specific and actual situation to the oil purifier salesperson so that he can recommend the machine according to your actual situation. The use of a dedicated machine is the best. In comparison, YUNENG lubricating oil purifier is best used to process lubricating oil. YUNENG turbine oil purifier is best used to process turbine oil. Although turbine oil can be considered as lubricating oil, it is used In the process, its oiliness is different again, so the special one is the best. After communicating online, you can also visit the site to confirm the authenticity of the company and whether the product is really what you need.

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