Learn All About Transformer Oil Purifiers From This Article

This article will describe the types and functions of insulating oil, the aging, and deterioration of transformer oil, the process of transformer oil filtration, and introduce several typical transformer oil purifiers and lubricating oil filtration machines.

Transformer oil in different stages

Transformer Oil and Its Functions

Transformer oil refers to a class of insulating oil used in oil-filled electrical equipment such as transformers, mutual inductors, reactors, bushings, and oil switches and plays the role of insulation, cooling, and arc extinguishing same time.

The Functions of Transformer Oil:

1. The main function of transformer oil during operation is heat dissipation and cooling.

2. Insulation and insulation maintenance of windings, etc.: maintain good insulation.

3. At the contact point of the high-voltage lead wire and the tap changer, the transformer oil plays the role of arc suppression. The function is to prevent corona and arc discharge.

4. Transformer oil can be used as the liquid seal of the hydraulic safety valve.

Kinds of Insulating Oil

The types of insulating oils are as follows:

(1) Transformer oil: Transformer oil plays the role of insulation and heat dissipation.

(2) Oil switch oil: The oil switch oil plays the role of insulation, heat dissipation, heat removal, and arc extinguishing.

(3) Capacitor oil: capacitor oil also plays the role of insulation and heat dissipation.

insulating oil

The Necessity to Solve the Deterioration and Aging of Transformer Oil

Aging of Transformer Oil

The new oil is generally light yellow, has no odor, is transparent in a glass bottle, and has a blue-violet fluorescence. The dark color of the new oil is not allowed. The color of the running oil gradually darkens. If the fluorescence and transparency are lost, it indicates that there are mechanical impurities and free carbon in the oil. Suppose the color of the oil becomes darker, and the viscosity increases. In that case, the acid value becomes larger, the flashpoint decreases, the electrical properties decrease, the interfacial tension decreases, and even brown-black precipitates are formed. The oil is considered to be aged. When the transformer oil ages, an oil-insoluble X-wax resin precipitates on the solid insulation, resulting in a decrease in insulation performance.

Why Do We Need An Oil Purfier

Aging transformer oil can lead to poor transformer performance and shorten the life of the machine. Therefore, we must maintain and filter the transformer oil or purify the transformer oil with a transformer oil purifier.

Advantages of Transformer Oil Filtration

Reduce unnecessary transformer oil consumption.

Improve insulating properties of transformer oil.

Extend the life of the transformer.

Reduce transformer failure frequency.

High-quality machines bring a good return on investment.

The Insulating Oil Purification Process

1. First, We Warm Up The Insulating Oil

We can use an electric heater to heat the insulating oil to a set temperature, which is generally set at 65°C. Warming the oil can reduce the viscosity of the oil and improve its dehydration and degassing ability of the oil. A thermostat is installed in the electric heater to monitor the oil temperature. When the oil temperature is inconsistent with the temperature we set, the thermostat will turn on or off the heating.

2. Remove Impurities

The second step is to remove the sludge and dirt from the insulating oil. There are two ways to remove dirt from transformer oil.

Optionally by candle filter

Alternatively, centrifugation

Dirt and magazines can be separated from insulating oil by centrifugation. This method can save the cost of replacing the filter.

3. Dehydration and Degassing of Insulating Oil

This is the stage in which the insulating oil is dewatered and degassed. This process is done in a degassing chamber. The heated transformer oil flows into the degassing chamber, where the oil is dehydrated and degassed.

The above is the whole transformer oil purification process.

You Need A Good Transformer Oil Purification Machine

We already know from the previous reading that transformer oil will deteriorate or age over time. It will affect the operation safety of the machine, so to improve the performance of the transformer oil or insulating oil, prevent the oil from deteriorating and affect the safe operation, the simplest and most necessary is to filter or purify our transformer oil. Currently, we use various types of transformer oil recovery machines, both mobile style and static style.

transformer oil filtration machine

Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

This transformer oil regeneration machine is used to regenerate used and aged transformer oil or insulating oil.

It can purify and protect oil at high speed, and the device can efficiently remove harmful substances such as moisture, impurities, oxidative deterioration substances, hydrocarbons, and chromosome glue.

The most important thing is that after being filtered by the machine, the regenerated oil is as clean and clear as the new oil, and the dielectric loss index of the transformer oil is restored to almost the same as the new oil standard, which can ensure the long-term recycling of the oil.

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filter Machine

Our ZJA high vacuum transformer oil purifier can treat transformer oil and switchgear oil. Passing the oil through the primary filter, then heating it, and then subjecting it to high vacuum treatment can dehydrate and degas the oil, and finally pass the specially designed filter cartridge to make the filtered oil meet the standard specifications.

This machine is suitable for new oil treatment (as per IEC 296) and old oil repair (as per IEC:422 for oil in-service), and old oil repair of ultra-high voltage transformers and shunt reactors.

ZJA 12 Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

ZJA12 transformer oil treatment device is suitable for the maintenance of large power transformers. It effectively removes free water, gas, and other solid particles from mineral transformer oils and increases the oil’s dielectric strength.

Mobile Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine

Our mobile transformer oil centrifuges are trailer mounted. Its characteristic type can be operated outdoors and is easy to transfer.

It can quickly purify transformer oil by removing water, gas, and mechanical particles. It can also extract non-corrosive gases from transformers or other containers. It is suitable for on-site transformer oil purification and oil maintenance in different places.

This machine is suitable for transformer oil, insulating oil, silicone oil, cable oil, switch oil, etc.

ZJC Lubricating Oil Purifier

This equipment series is mainly suitable for industrial oils such as turbine oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, and refrigeration oil with a kinematic viscosity of less than 320m㎡/s. It can deal with the problems of water ingress, emulsification, and particle pollution caused by oil products in production, transportation, and use.

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