The Factors That Caused Vacuum Dropping and Oil Leakage in Vacuum Oil Purifier

Why does the vacuum degree drop or become unstable when using the vacuum transformer oil purifier? What caused this situation to happen? And what should the user do after the vacuum level drops? And how to judge whether it is due to equipment failure caused by the operation of the machine or a problem with its own sealing? These are common problems that customers will encounter when using vacuum oil purifiers, the following guide will let you know things about it.

The Importance of Vacuum and Oil to Vacuum Oil Purifier Working

To know what problems your vacuum oil purifier might be encountering, you should know how does your vacuum oil purifier work first. vacuum transformer oil purifier, as its name implies, is very important for the stability of the vacuum when the equipment itself is running. Vacuum oil purifier generally relies on vacuum pump negative pressure to suck oil. The role of a transformer vacuum pump is to vacuum pump and inject vacuum oil, both of which are compatible with vacuum oil purification machines. The vacuum stability is closely related.

a vacuum oil purifier with vacuum pump

Damages Might Vacuum Degree Dropping Cause

The main reasons for the vacuum pump’s inability to reach the ultimate vacuum include pump oil contamination, blockage of the oil purifier in the pump causing poor oil passage in the compression oil injection system, deformation, wear or damage of the oil distributor valve, wear of the rotary vane of the vacuum pump or inside the rotor The spring tension is insufficient and the exhaust valve fails to operate. At this time, the relevant parts must be cleaned, replaced or repaired.

Damages Might Oil Leakage Cause

The oil leakage of the transformer will cause serious oil pollution on the surface of the transformer, which will not only affect the appearance but also increase the possibility of creepage and flashover. If the oil leakage is serious, it will also reduce the oil level, causing a low oil level alarm, or even It may also cause a fire, which will seriously affect the service life of the power transformer. At the same time, the transformer oil itself is highly corrosive and will corrode the machine itself.

leaking oil from a purifier

Ways to Check the Reason of Vacuum Drop

First, turn on the vacuum pump only, if the vacuum is not in a high degree at the moment, It is 90% possible the problem was with the vacuum oil purifier itself. Then we can check the vacuum pump first to see if it is decelerating and if the vacuum pump oil is black. If it has turned black, we should replace the vacuum pump oil. If the vacuum pump is still working slowly after an oil replacement, there might be a problem with the vacuum pump. At this time, we should replace the vacuum pump.

the process of transformer transit

Ways to Check the Reason for Oil Leakage

We can close all external valves to pressurize the machine, and then inject detergent water into the machine. All seals or welds must be carefully checked for bubbling, if there is, then there is a leakage. If the flange leaks, we can tighten the screws or replace the gasket. If the O-ring is damaged or the thread at the joint is broken, we can remove it, apply some sealant, and install a new O-ring.

If the weld is leaking, which is small, we can use high-performance industrial glue or blunt nails to repair it. But if the leak is really large, the welding needs to be repaired.

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