Vacuum Oil Purifier VS. Ordinary Oil Purifier

Vacuum Oil Purifier Working Principle

The vacuum oil purifier, also named vacuum transformer oil purification machine, can effectively remove free water and solid contaminants in oil-based products such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and gas turbine oil.

The oil purifier removes free water in the medium through processes such as demulsification, coalescence, and separation. The free water content in the treatment medium is less than 200PPM, and the limit is less than 100PPM. It can also filter out solid particles in the medium. Control the cleanliness of the oil, and realize the filter medium of solid particles. The cleanliness of the control oil can reach the NAS4 pole or higher. (Note: This equipment is not suitable for low water requirements, such as the removal of dissolved water. At this time, a solution is to use the production series of coal-made negative pressure oil purification machines, which can quickly remove a large amount of water in the oil, which will eventually contain The water volume drops to 100PPM, or below the limit value of 5PPM.

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Ordinary Oil Purifier Working Principle

Ordinary oil purifier usually works continuously, and dirty oil is pressed into the side filter with pressure. The filter consists of a complete set of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames, as well as a manual screw pressurizing device and a pressure plate. The cushion between the filter plate and the filter box (small ring) has filter paper (or filter cloth) as the filter medium. With the pressing device, the pressure of the filter plate and the filter box is pressed on the center of the fixed tube and the movable splint. Thus, a single filter chamber is formed and pressurized between the filter plate and the filter frame, and the filter paper or filter cloth plays a filtering role. Dirty oil is imported from the center, filtered through the filter chamber, and clean oil is extracted from another corresponding channel of the filter plate.

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What is the Difference Between Two Filters?

Vacuum Oil purifier Characteristics:

Remove free water and solid particles through processes such as demulsification, coalescence, and separation

Ordinary Oil Purifier Characteristics:

The oil is pressurized between the filter plate and the filter frame through the pressure device, and the filter paper and the filter cloth play a filtering role.

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