What is a vacuum controlled transformer oil purifier system

A system that purifies the oil of the transformer by using vacuum-controlled filters then it is called a vacuum-controlled transformer oil purifier system. You can use this system to remove the impurities and the contaminants of high toxicity like gases and moisture dissolved in it as well as dust and metal suspended in it. Thus impure transformer oil can be treated by using a transformer oil system with a high vacuum to make it contaminant-free. The contaminated oil is passed through specially designed heated filters to heat transformer oil and detoxify and dehydrate it by treating it with a system of high vacuum. A vacuum transformer oil purifier system with a rating from 100 to 16,000 liters per hour is considered the best.


vacuum controlled transformer oil purify system

Types and parts of vacuum controlled system to purify transformer oil

Two types of vacuum transformer oil purifier systems are commonly used – mobile and stationary. A stationary purifier can be used in the open as its parts can survive in all weather conditions as well as rough usage and transportation. It relieves pressure on the wheels by using screw jacks and requires 425 volts, three-phase, and 50Hz supply of AC on 4 wires to work on.

It includes an inlet to pour spoiled transformer oil into the transformer oil purifier system controlled by a high vacuum and an outlet to eject the contaminants removed from the oil. You should test the vacuum of the inlet pump for flawless operation while using this system.


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Working of high vacuum transformer oil purifier system

A vacuum transformer oil purifier system has an inlet pump that is connected with an automatic system of protection to protect it against the pressure built-up in it. This system also has an interlocking system to prevent its heating when its inlet pump is not in use. This system also takes care of the extreme increase in the level of oil in the dehydration and degassing chambers.

It starts purifying the transformer oil when its temperature rises to 65 degrees C at the most. The latent heat provided by this system to the oil helps in separating gases and moisture from the oil in their respective chambers.

Working of the preliminary filter in this system

The filtration of the transformer oil can be made easier by dropping its viscosity. The protection tubes in this system have thermostatically controlled heaters to prevent the overheating of the oil. The loss of heat is reduced by the thermal insulation of the heater tank. Over-building of pressure can be prevented with a valve in the heater chamber to relieve pressure.

The damage to the inlet pump of this purifier can be prevented with the help of its preliminary filter which includes a strainer to strain out contaminants like particles of magnetic nature more than 1mm in size. This strainer can be cleaned through the pipeline without detaching the filter. The contaminants of more than 50-micZANYOron size can be removed from the oil through the tightly held metallic discs in the filter press. The dust particles of 1 micron and more can be separated by a cartridge filter in this system. Thus filters used in this transformer oil purifier system can help in removing contaminants of all sizes from the oil.

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