What is the Working Condition of A Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier?

The insulating material is a material that acts as a conductive barrier. As the power level is improved, the internal insulation level of the equipment is increasingly important to the life of the equipment. Equipment such as transformers and electric generators require good insulation to achieve powerful electrical properties.

Water is in the form of water vapor in the atmosphere. Water is a good electrical conductor, but if the water is absorbed by the insulating layer of the machine, the insulating layer will be impaired. Vacuum transformer oil purifiers are ideal insulating oil purifiers for oil treatment.

What is the vacuum drying of the vacuum transformer oil purifiers? Why do we need it and the conditions it works?

What is Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier?

Drying of transformer oil can be achieved at low temperature and low-pressure levels. The drying pressure level and temperature level vary from the insulating material. If sufficient heat is provided to the insulating material, the evaporation rate of water vapor will accelerate under low pressure or vacuum. Therefore, if the insulating material is appropriately heated and in vacuo, we can achieve good drying of the insulating material. The main purpose of the vacuum transformer oil purifier is to remove water and impurities in transformers.

transformer oil purifier

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Function

During use, the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil, etc. will produce certain substances due to contact oxidation and friction of surrounding oxygen. These substances can act as catalysts that cause oil oxidation and oil contamination. After contamination, the oil will lead to various faults of machinery, and the transformer oil purifiers must be used to purify them.

The purpose of using a vacuum transformer oil purifier is to remove impurities in oil to get the same value as the crude oil. The smaller the particles, the more content. If the content of the contaminant particles above 1 μm or more is set to 100%, the content of contaminant particles above 10 μm is only 10%. That is, the oil filtration machine can only filter only less than 10% of the pollution control particles based on the filter cartridge, but the vacuum oil filtration machine for the manufacture of the petroleum purification means can effectively remove 0.1 μm impurities.

Working Principle of Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers

The working process of the vacuum transformer oil purifier of China oil purifier mainly passed the following stages:

① In order to purify the oil in the negative pressure of the oil valve, it is filtered to the primary filter to filter out large impurity particles, and the oil is heated to the set temperature by the heater (the temperature controller is displayed by the automatic thermostat). control).

② The heated oil enters the vacuum chamber and is sprayed by atomized spray, and gradually extracts a large amount of oil film from the highly efficient separation tower of the developed region.

③ Evaporate quickly under vacuum, separation of oil, water, and gas.

④ The separated oil is extracted and enters the fine filter to remove mechanical particles by a special oil pump to remove mechanical particles to complete the purification cycle.

⑤ According to the crude oil condition, it is possible to perform one to three times the purified cycle.

What Factors does will Affect the Normal Work of Transformer Oil Purifiers?

Not all vacuum transformers oil purifiers can have a good purification of impurities in oil, and there are many factors affecting their purification. What are the factors that determine the efficiency of vacuum transformers oil purification machines:

① Temperature of insulating materials: High heating temperatures will damage the characteristics of oil; if the temperature is too low, the water in the oil cannot be discharged, so the temperature and vacuum should be appropriately controlled during the oil treatment;

② Material release water characteristics, also known as diffusion coefficients;

③ The pressure difference applied to the insulation layer and the surrounding area (ie, the interior of the oven);

④ Time required to dry the insulating layer.

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