Why Choose a Transformer Oil Purifier?

Before understanding the transformer oil purification machine, let us first know how does it derive from. The ever-increasing rating requirements of modern transformers and electrical equipment result in greater electrical stresses in insulating materials and fluids. In order to cope with these higher pressures, the oil needs to have better dielectric strength and must maintain low residual water content. Proper and timely treatment of these insulating fluids will improve the performance of the entire insulation system of power transformers. The main function of the insulating fluid is to act as a dielectric material and an effective coolant.

2000LPH Mobile & Weather-Proof Transformer Oil Centrifuging Machine Mounted on Trailer

In order to perform these functions, the insulating fluid must have a certain necessary quality during the initial impregnation and filling of the factory, and if the best performance is to be ensured, the same quality level must be maintained in field operations.

Why is a Transformer Oil Purifier So Important in the Industry?

Almost 75% of transformer failures are caused by contaminated and deteriorated oil. It is important to use a filter transformer oil. Regular maintenance is essential because replacing or repairing transformers is a huge financial burden. Ignoring transformer oil filtration can lead to:

  • Arcing
  • Overheating, which reduces electrical efficiency as well as the life of the transformer
  • Corona Discharges
  • Decrease in insulating strength of the transformer oil, and more

Features of the Transformer Oil Treatment Machine

  • Suitable for 11kV to 1000kV power transmission lines.
  • High vacuum, multi-stage filtration, high oil filtering accuracy
  • Suitable for oil treatment, vacuum oil filling, vacuum pumping
  • Personalized design

Compared with the single-stage oil purifier, this machine has been supplemented with a Roots pump pressure system, two high vacuum separation systems, and a three-dimensional fast flash evaporation system. It can be dehydrated, degassed, removed acetylene, removed free carbon, etc. The treated oil has a higher breakdown voltage. This is not only an oil purifier but also an independent vacuum device for drying transformer equipment.

Applications of Transformer Oil Purifier

Transformer oil purifiers are used in machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, electric power, railway, and other fields to purify various high-viscosity lubricants. It can quickly remove harmful components such as moisture, impurities, and volatiles (such as ammonia) in the oil, improve the quality of the oil, and restore its performance. This machine can be operated online, and it can also treat the oil separately by preheating the oil tank to meet the varied processing requirements of the user for the oil.

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Oil Filtration Process

As mentioned above, the contaminated oil from the transformer passes through the inlet valve with the help of the inlet pump. The transformer oil filtration machine has overpressure protection, and the pump and heater adopt an interlocking device to ensure that the heater in the factory is energized when the pump is turned on. There is also an interlocking device between the pump and the high-level float switch in the degassing chamber to avoid excessive oil rise in the degassing chamber.

In the first step of the transformer oil purification system, the oil temperature is raised to 65°C to provide latent heat that helps separate moisture and gas. In addition, the initial heating of the oil makes the filtration process easier because it reduces the viscosity of the oil.

Oil Filtration Circuit Diagram

The second step is to remove the sludge and contaminants from the oil which is done generally in two ways depending on the oil filtration machine:

  1. Use filters: Modern oil purification machines use a series of filters. The oil first passes through the filter press, which is located between the metal discs to help remove impurities larger than 50 microns. The filter helps to remove sludge in the oil. The oil then passes through a 1-micron cartridge filter. They have a large dust holding capacity and need to be replaced regularly.
  1. Using Centrifuging Action: As the name suggests, centrifugal action is used to filter the oil, which helps to separate dirt from the oil. The only advantage of this type of machine is that it can avoid the frequent cost of replacing the filter.

The third step involves the dehydration or dehumidification of insulating oil and the degassing that helps remove unwanted gas and moisture. The whole process is carried out in the degassing chamber of the machine. The degassing chamber contains two float switches-one is electrically interlocked with the oil inlet pump to avoid excessive oil level rise, and the second is used to control the low oil level and is electrically connected. Lock and drain the pump.

A sampling point is provided after the discharge pump for the ease of taking a sample. Vacuum pumps are provided for the evacuation of the gas from the degassing chamber. Clean oil is then finally pumped back to the transformer using a discharge pump. The whole cycle is repeated 3-5 times till the required BDV value is achieved.

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Our advantages for transformer oil filtration:

Improve the insulation performance of transformer oil

Reduce transformer failure frequency

Reduce unnecessary consumption

The life of the transformer is longer

The high-quality machine brings a higher return on investment

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