YUNENG Transformer Oil Purification Machine on Field Use

Yuneng’s machines are used in electric power, power equipment manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, automotive and other industries, especially in UHV laboratories of large transformer enterprises, such as TBEA Xinjiang, TBEA Shenyang, TBEA Hengyang. Our machines are also widely used in more than 80 countries including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Angola, Australia and so on. Here is a case for your reference.


Last month, our transformer oil purification machine with a flow capacity of 12000LPH was installed in Pakistan.


The machine is used outside, so it’s equipped with a metallic cover. We take Germany SPECK centrifugal inlet and outlet oil pump to realize low noise and high efficiency. The PLC system is also used for full automatic operation. The high watts heater can reach oil temperature rise in short time. YUNENG’s patented vacuum degassing chamber has achieved the separation of oil and gas, water in maximum. We received positive feedback from the client due to the machine‘s good performance.


Below is the photo of the machine on-field use for your reference.









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