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  • 1. Decomposition of transformer oil under electromagnetic fieldIn general, the transformer oil used in 110kV and below power grid is No. 25 transformer oil, which belongs to paraffin base oil. The paraffin base oil has a large proportion of alkalizes, the chemical properties of alkane oils are relat

  • Modernized cities are inseparable from the supply of electricity. With the increase in electricity consumption, substations, UHV transmissions, and national power grids continue to expand 500KV-1000KV high-capacity high-grade transformers in power production, in order to ensure grid operation It is

  • How to deal with Water content in oil?Engine oil is engine lubricating oil, the density is about 0.91x103 (kg/m3), which can lubricate and reduce wear, auxiliary cooling and cooling, seal leakage, rust and corrosion, damping and buffering, etc.The water content of the oil will lead to the decline of

  • the daily production process, some common oil filter when the pressure of the specific measures listed to everyone as a reference: 1, the oil filter in the start-up, should pay attention to do not cause the pump to reverse. So as not to cause pump shaft seal to blow out and cause air to be inhaled.

  • Ionic Reaction Column An ionic reaction column is provided in high vacuum transformer oil filtration machine to reduce the acidity in the oil. It is an optional component in high vacuum transformer oil filtration machine which is provided if sight glass with illuminating lamp is provided for observa

  • Transformer oil deterioration and degradation describe the adverse physical and chemical processes within the insulating liquid over its lifetime which negatively impacts its performance and longevity.Transformer oil deterioration must be minimizedThe largest share of load bearing transformers opera

  • 1. Why need to vacuum pressure-swing oil to clean the transformer? Insulating Oil Primarily, two kinds of basic insulation materials are widely used in the transformer, including the liquid insulation material such as insulating oil i.e. transformer oil and solid insulation material such as insulati

  • The vacuum pump and compressor are rotated by hand before installation to ensure that there is no jamming or other damage in the pump. When the whole set of equipment arrives at the installation site, if the package is damaged or damp, and the pump has been out of the factory for more than eight mon

  • how to select the Lubricating oil filter?

  • Together with TBEA UHV Transformer Engineering Technology Research Center, YUNENG show its significance in transformer oil filtration field. The flow capacity applied in the research center is 40m³/h.Reported by CCTV-2(China Central Television -2)



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